We have always been active in the professional photographers associations and this has been a big part of our professional growth - this is a way to not only learn more about our craft from fabulous speakers, but  also to network with and  form great lasting  friendships with our fellow photographers that we can now always count on. We learn from each other and share what  we know and have experienced.  This is absolutely priceless. Advancing to  leadership positions only heightens our  commitment and growth.
Plus - it is just FUN!
Here are some photos of the early years - and obviously Julie has been here right along with me and  has some great honors of her own.

Joining the Detroit Professional Photographers Association (DPPA) was one of the first groups I joined.. starting out on the local lvel was great and exciting and to learn and share with fellow photographers.
In the first years we also traveled to Las Vegas for WPPI - Wedding and Portrait Photographers Association - wow what an experience and eye opener. Those days of Bambie Cantrell. Michelle Celamtano, Dennis Reggie, etc  - who made us think and confirmed our beliefs in the more relaxed photojournalist style.