Our Photographers - An Introduction

Our Photographers -Wally, Julie and Ed

We will be using this section to showcase the great photography of the main photographers at Wally Spice Photography. We each have a rich history of accomplishments and honors over the years and  strengths that contribute to the success of our company on the whole.

This is a family business and I am so proud of that!  I started this business  with primarily weddings in 1993.  So we will be celebrating 20 years of being in business in 2013!

My daughter Julie Proudfoot started working for the company 15 years ago - first in editing, then assisting, then working with me as a full 2nd photographer, to now photographing and enjoying the reputation and distinction of being a main photographer in her own right. 
She is the current  president of DPPA - the Detroit  Professional Photographers Association and doing a great job, bringing in lots of great speakers and programs and leading the association.
So proud of Julie following in my footsteps - I was president in 2007-2008,
Julie found her calling in High School Senior photography and has excelled here.

Ed Westwood is Julie's finance - we are all looking forward to their wedding on a beach in Florida at the end of January of 2013 - just before the SYNC conference for senior photography.
Ed is a Master Photographer and has had many high scoring  and award winning competition prints in his career. He has been a professional Photographer for many years, working for various professional photography studios.
Both Ed and Wally are on the board of of directors for  PPM - the professional Photographers of Michigan.  This is where Julie and Ed met 2 years ago.
We all strive to perfect our craft and are sometimes rewarded when we submit our work to be judged in various competitions  within the professional organizations we belong to.
Ed inspires us and encourages us in these endeavors - which is very good.

Aaron Proudfoot is Julie's oldest son.  He has also loves photography and has learned so much. He often assists at wedding with us - and he usually has a camera in hand also.  We has captured beautiful images from other view point (like towards the groom on that side of a ceremony)  He has photographed  some award winning winning images himself!
 He has also done a lot of modeling for us and the speakers we bring in. Another way to really learn!
Aaron graduated from Cousino High school in 2012.  He is attending Washtenaw Community College and also works at Buchemis.
Over the years he has also been active in the Masonic Youth group for young men - Michigan DeMolay,  often in leadership positions.

Steven Proudfoot is Julies youngest son, a sophomore in high school.  He is following right behind us and also loves photography.  He helps a lot at the studio and helps with  some editing.  He has done some modelling for us and the speakers also. When PPM had their online print competition, he received 2 awards in the "Next Generation" division, so also has a lot of potential.  He loves to assist Julie in the work she does for the high school sports - like football and cheer-leading etc.

Each will have their own page to highlight  their accomplishments and  best work. (in a blog format)  Besides competition prints, and other fine art, this can also include the best images we have created in our travels through out  the years to our favorite locations. Even our favorite images of the work we create on a daily bases.

We love what we do, we strive to push ourselves to the best we can be and it shows!

I hope you enjoy the site and welcome any comments and input!

Wally, Julie and Ed at one of our Bridal shows in 2011