Wally is short for Waltraud,  a nice German name that no one can pronounce -  so Wally adopted me (maiden name was Schabestiel)- I was born in Kiel, a city in northern Germany on the Baltic Sea.

My dad -  later always affectionately called "Opa" loved photography too and developed his own black and white medium format negatives.  I have these negatives and small 4x4 prints of these in albums  and prints - this is so priceless to me and makes me realize how important photography is to our family histories.
These are some of my favorite...

At 8 yrs old I got onto a big ocean liner with my mom, dad and little brother Gunter and ended up in Windsor Canada. My dad had already stated working in his own Auto Electronic business in Detroit when, as Canadian citizens, we immigrated to the states and settled in Garden City in 1966.

I must have gotten my entrepreneurial spirit from my my dad (Opa)!  He also had a darkroom in the basement under the stairs in several of our homes and loved photography. 


I graduated from Garden City West in 1967, went to Schoolcraft Community College and then graduated from U of M.  (after getting married to Russ Spice, living in married housing on the Michigan State campus and then the U of M campus)
I have a teaching certificate in German and English, but spent the years with  my girls (Julie and Tracy) at home - with just some jobs in new home real estate and market research,

When the family was growing we continued to take a gazillion photos and have volumes of photo albums - many the old magnetic ones.  Here's is one of my favorites taken when my mom and dad had a house on Wolverine Lake - With Russ, my girls Julie and Tracy and my brother Gunther and his wife Sandy.

Family at Wolverine Lake home.

When the girls got married and had kids of heir own, I loved being a grandma and took a gazillion photos at every chance - it was great to spoil them and send them home. Julie's boys, Aaron and Steven were always close by and I loved that.  They were our ginny pigs for a lot of photography - but practice makes perfect...

Tracy became a traveling nurse and with Rick,  lived in California, Oregon and then Alaska .   We enjoyed visiting them in California several times,

She became a full time nurse at the Providence hospital in Anchorage and still works there now. They love it in Alaska and will never come back! Aaron and I visited them in 2003 and I was there in 2004 and 05.  When they decided to have a family they got married -there - outside in January with just a few Friends to witness - with Dr Suess vows - but it was totally legal and little Gunther was born soon there after.. In 2007 they renewed their vows on the front lawn of their new home in the Palmer area - overlooking the majestic mountains.  Many friends and family came to visit, even some cousins  from Germany.  We toured their beautiful state and everyone took photos. I made an album of that trip.
This is a slideshow of the album that shows how breathtaking the state is.and the fun we had enjoying their wedding day and touring the state - we actually rented a motor home, plus did some camping  for a trip south to the Seward area as well as another trip north to the Denali area.
I have to say that I am NOT the only one who took these images - we area  family of photographers  - the main photographers are:  Wally Spice, Gunther Schabestiel (my brother), Dawn Endico, Julie Proudfoot, Tracy Spice, and Rick Polzin,   I did the album design.  I think we all got portfolio images out of this trip!
Hope you ENJOY!
This was in the summer of 2007 - Gunther was 6 months old - he is now 6 and in Kindergarten~

I have visited Alaska about 7 times now and wish I could visit again soon - we are concentrating on growing the business and lives at home.

New beginnings....

In the summer of 2012 I moved from my house in Hazel Park to an apartment in Warren. It is just 1/4 of a mile north of the studio!  Now that we have the studio we do not need to meet with clients at my home anymore - and I do not need that much space and upkeep!   I love it here -  It is so much more convenient and so great being so close to both the studio and to Julie and her family.  I still do a lot of the computer work and marketing etc from home.