I am Enjoying doing some research on my family history - things I was never interested in before. Now that I am older, and unfortunately my parents are deceased, I want to know so much more and wish I could ask them. What would make them want to take myself at age 8 and and my brother at 4, on a one way trip to another world they knew so little about in 1957- what was it about their own country of Germany that made them want to leave. I am finding out so much! Here's a few photos of the brochure and 1 of me, from the "Arosa Star", the ship we took across the Atlantic.

There are also some things that I am finding out that are disturbing also though - that no one ever talked about, and archives are just being opened up relatively recently. My dad's family lived in the Sudetenland - a section of what is now Czechoslovakia that had been inhabited by Germans since the early Germanic tribes and the Habsburgs. At the end of the second world war the powers to be (and partly in retribution to the horrible atrocities of Hitler- which I agree where horrendous) The Czechs decided to expel the German population there - about 3 million of them. When my dad got back from serving in Greece (in charge of keeping the truck envoys repaired) he had no idea where his parents and 3 younger brothers were. He was married to my mom and had me before he found out that they were living in the former East Germany and were united. There was a big gap in photos - I have 1 engagement and 1 wedding photo and then photos of vising his parents in East Germany when I was a toddler. Still a lot of questions...my dad never wanted to talk about it and I was too involved in my own life to ask.
I may write a book about some of this personal history and how it relates to what was going on a the time.