Senior Safaries for our Models

Every year we take our new models, or representatives,  on a "Safari"  to some new and exciting place to have fun and take great unique images of them.  Everyone loves it and they get to know each other better also.  This is their special time! Talk to Julie about the other many benefits of being a model, including lots of extra personalized time, lots more photos, plus great discounts.
These are the slideshows  and or images of our safaris since 2011.

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2014 Senior Safari

These Seniors will graduate in 2015.  We had a terrific time heading north to the Brown City area with our models, for lots of fun with an old grain elevator, county railroad tracks and roads and an old house that looked pretty haunted.  Plus - chickens! (You had to be there!)


2013 Senior Safari

These seniors graduated in 2014.  We had a great time at Fort Wayne in Detroit and then went on to  Elizabeth Park in Wyandotte  on the Detroit River



2012 Senior Safari Video with many of our 2012 models

2012 Senior Safari  for WSP Seniors  - Wally Spice Photography 

This is also on our senior Facebook Page

We took 12 seniors on a "Senior Safari" capturing images for their senior photos. We photographed at  a barn, a junkyard, and a lake.
This video shows Julie and Ed  working with the girls to capture their images; it shows how much fun everyone was having and how easy we are to work with .  The girls loved it!

A huge THANK YOU goes out  to Andrea McKenzie  who created this video for us  professionally as we were working
The music is by Micheal Franti and Spearhead and Detroit band Bear Lake.


2012 models ny the bus in Junkyard.

These are the best of the individual girls taken from the safari and some in the studio.  They were used for a contest we held on our Facebook Fan Page for the top model of WSP Seniors

2011 Senior Safari

We had a great time on our first Senior Safari in 2011.   We rented a limo and took the seniors into Pontiac and then into Detroit for a  fun urban shoot - These are some of the group shots