Wedding Ceremonies

Photographing the ceremony is so important - it can't be redone; you have to be very discreet and unobtrusive yet still capture all the actions and emotions.  We NEVER flash during the ceremony itself, especially in an indoor church ceremony;  we'll flash as you come up and down the aisle. but during the ceremony we are on a tripod.  This is where it is so beneficial to have more than 1 photographer - We usually cannot move during the ceremony.  We often have 2-3 photographers for the ceremony - 1 in back, or balcony, (great for overviews) one on the side so that we can see the brides face when you look at each other, and if we also have an assistant - he would be on the opposite side to capture the groom as they face each other. We promise to NEVER make a pest of ourselves!
Alter returns are usually taken right after the ceremony with the families

Inside Ceremonies - Churches etc

We have so many unique and breathtaking ceremonies in the Detroit area - may are historic buildings that are such a treasure..

Outside Ceremony Locations and Unique  Locations

Many couples  get very creative for their ceremony locations - often favorite spots - like the Zoo or other unique locations!