Bride and Grooms often See each Other Before the Ceremony

Depending on the schedule of the day, and the feeling of the bride and groom themselves, we often arrange to have the bride and groom meet each other beforehand, with a very special private meeting, so they can say things to each other without the whole world watching, and then join the wedding party  for some fun romantics before the day gets really hectic.  This is their special time to really enjoy  and concentrate on each  other and their wedding party. 
This is often because there would just not be enough time between the ceremony and reception for any time for romantics.  When they see each other at the alter - it is another special moment!
I have written an article about this  in an older blog post that even got published  in one of the local magazines.  I will add that article below the slideshow  here.



Ask Wally - Should we see each other before the ceremony?

As I meet with more couples to talk about their options for wedding photography, we go over the timing and plans for the day. They love the great romantics they see and the unique personal locations we have gone to (like our popular "Detroit Urban Shoots"). But often there is just not enough time between the ceremony and reception and they would rather not keep their guests waiting while we have fun taking the photos. At least half of our couples have a great solution – they elect to see each other beforehand; usually this is based on timing of the day.  But no-one can talk them into it – the decision has to be theirs alone – we can only point out advantages.  We make this very clear and never push if they do not want to.

This is how we like to explain it…

The idea of not seeing each other comes from medieval days – when marriages were arranged – if he saw you beforehand – he might change his mind.  A lot of contemporary couples are now saying – let’s make this work for us.        

The whole secret – is that you HAVE to have a “special moment” when you first see each other – and we help to arrange this – it should be more private – maybe you are coming down a staircase, or out a door, and he is there waiting – be creative.  Then you can say things to each other without the whole world watching, He can tell you how beautiful you look and hug and kiss you. He can ask you to turn around etc!
We just capture the emotion from a distance.

The 2 of you are your own best friends, you tend to calm each other down, and this is usually such a relief and stress reducer. 

You spend so much time planning your wedding and so much money on your dress, flowers and all the details. The whole day can fly by so fast and the timeline is sometimes planned down to the minute. If one thing runs late, and it definitely can, guess what gets cut – your romantic photography time!  You could go from having 45 minutes after the wedding, to only 15 minutes!  And then your day can be extra stressful trying to keep everything on such a tight schedule.

When we photograph you before the ceremony, we can schedule two hours or more depending on where you want to go, or places special to you. This can make your day last longer. You can truly enjoy the fun romantic time with your groom and friends, without being as stressed or super rushed!

When you walk done the aisle it is another special moment! Sometimes we still do a limited amount of immediate family “Alter groups” just after the ceremony – but then you can mingle with your guests, go to the cocktail hour and ENJOY your own party!

NO-ONE has EVER said “I wish we didn’t do that” – everyone has loved it and raved about it.

This is the most important day of your lives – why spend it hiding from each other?! Besides, you get to wear your gorgeous dress longer! And, you get a lot more incredible images that are natural and fun and really show your style and the creative style that you chose your photographer for!  ENJOY!


Individual photos for first Meeting - for possible magazine go with above article

1) Michelle  and Andrew,  April 14, 2012
Getting ready and first meeting took place at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester Michigan.  We photographed the romantics around the town of Rochester in areas close by,  the ceremony was Trinity Lutheran Church, and reception at Petrozellos - all in and around Rochester Michigan.

2 Meredith and Kyle  June 30, 2012   Wellers, Saline Michigan
They met at Weller's, a historic Carriage House, where  the romantics, wedding and reception took place.

3 Ellisse  and William
Aug 4th, 2012
Getting ready, first meeting,ceremony and reception took place at the DAC - The Detroit Athletic Club in downtown Detroit
They had a great romantic Detroit "Urban" shoot after this first meetig, joined by their wedding party

4  Olivia and Daryl
8-30-12 - at the Detroit Zoo - they met in the butterfly House, did romantics on the grounds of the zoo with a tram, ceremony was in the polar bear tunnel and reception in the area before the tunnel