Me and my little brother - Gunther

These are 2 images taken of Gun and I at Kathy's pool in Florida - so glad he was able to come down and combine the wedding with another visit to a friend in Orlando - he  really is my little brother - Gunther - and I'm the big sis - Traudie!
He was one of our photographers too at the wedding..

Julie's 2 Great Trash the Dress sessions - On the beach and Underwater In the pool!!!

We had 2 great versions of the Trash the dress with Julie in Florida - and the dress is still where she will be able to wear it again to model for another photography class!

The first is the trash the dress on the beach at St Pete's - behind the Trade Wind's Hotel in St Pete's where the SYNC convention for high school seniors was taking place.  They walked along the beach in the sand and ended up lying at the edge of the sand as the water lapped over them>
The second was right in a pool completely underwater.  I really give her a lot of credit for doing this one.
We really thank our photography friends and instructors - Visualizations Photography Inc and Sacha Blue for photographing Julie and Ed!  Wally and Ed took some of these also.

Happy Valentines Day - Special!

Valentines Special - Feb 9 - 28, 2013  Free Engagement Session!

To celebrate the occasion, and to celebrate our newlyweds - Julie and Ed,  who just got married in Florida at the  end of January - we'll add an engagement portrait session to any new contracts written within this time frame -The session itself can take at any time before your wedding - in the studio or local destination areas.

Julie and Ed's engagement  session in Florida, photographed by our friend Steve White - 

Our beautiful stunning bride - that's our girl! Julie Proudfoot!

Travis Broxton is a fantastic photographer from Colorado .  He spoke at one of our DPPA meetings and Julie worked a wedding with him in Denver, He is one of the main photographers of the day of the wedding and this is one of them - more to come

Julie Proudfoot - Florida bride
Braxton Art - Travis Broaxton of Denver Colorado

First Sneak Peek Photos for Julie and Ed's Florida Wedding

Just got home from a fantastic time in Florida, in the St Pete area,  - for Julie and Ed's wedding!  We had such a great time - we appreciated the gracious hospitality of our friend Kathy who let us stay at her beautiful home and all the family and friends who could make it.  We had about 25-30 for the ceremony itself -  a breathtaking little alcove in the palm trees in Fort De Sota Park  - she wanted it right by the water but it was so cold and windy there that we moved in some -  THANK YOU to all the photographers there to help capture the moments.  There were about a dozen plus photographers - sometimes at different times who helped photograph the photographer's wedding!
Thank you also to our videographer Andrea McKenzier,  Wedding Planner Andrea Solomon and to Melonie Walker who was our officiant .

.There will be many more organized groups coming as we edit and work on them - they met at the house, we photographed at the Botanical Gardens close by,, the ceremony and park site at Fort De Soto park, the Hurricane Dinner location, and  the beach across the street - That was just the day of the wedding - on the days following we went into Ybor city, around Tampa, and a trash the dress shoot on the beach behind the Trade Winds Hotel - where the SYNC convention was taking place...another great dinner , and an under water shoot-in the pool by the her dress!

Here are a few more of the first ones that we have published and seen on Facebook


Julie and Ed are getting married in Florida Thursday Jan-31

We are all very excited to be traveling to Florida for Julie and Ed's wedding - They are already there and are making sure all is finalized.  I am leaving with her  boys Steven and Aaron in the morning -  (Way too early - plane leaves at 6:30am!) 

We are staying in the St Pete area and the ceremony will be at a beach in the Ft De Soto park!  Just small and intimate -- here are a few images from the early photos - the Infra red and some of the others are taken by our friend Steve White - a great photographers from the west side of Michigan that is a master of the infra red. Others by Julie and Ed..  This will be very well documented with so many of our photography friends there.  Can't wait - Looking forward to the warm Florida sun!
Stay tuned!  WE have images on our FB profiles too and the main Wally Spice Photogrpahy fan page!

Florida - Julie and Ed's Wedding - Coming up SOON!

We are all very excited about Julie and Ed's upcoming wedding at the end of this month on a beach in Florida - it will be very small and intimate but it will be so great to get away.  Her boys, Aaron and Steven will be walking her down the aisle! They have picked a setting in DeSoto Park  and we are staying with friends in St Pete.  A few days after the  wedding they are attending the SYNC convention for High School Seniors as they have in the past years. (Nothing like a honeymoon at an educational photography convention - but hey - that is what we do and like! - how great that they both great professional photographers)

Obviously there will be a gazillion photos and lots of photographers - there will even be a fun trash the dress shoot the day after! They will definitely be well documented and I'll be sure to feature them here!
If you need anything done at the studio - best to try to get in while they are still in town - they are the ones most familiar with everything there!
We are working hard to finish up as much as we can before of course - and I will not be gone as long as they are.

I found a few photos from a trip I took to Florida in 2005  - when I photographed a friend's daughter's wedding there !  Hope we can enjoy the same calmness.  Julie absolutely loves Palm trees - and I am sure she will have her share to ENJOY!

Julie is in Jamaica photographing a destination wedding!!!!

Julie is a very lucky and happy girl this week. One of her friends,  and his fiance  are getting married on an all inclusive resort in the Montego Bay area of Jamaica on Friday November 6th and flew her down there to photograph the wedding. What an awesome opportunity. I have weddings this weekend so couldn't go but she is thrilled to be there. 2 of her friends, Jill and Dawn also joined her to help! They are having the time of their lives!!!They flew in the Monday before and are scouting out all the great locations - On Tuesday the couple did some para sailing and Julie got to go on the boat to photograph them! - They are being know as their personal photographers for the week!

Montego Bay Jamaica

Click on images to go directly to the entire album on Face book - any one can view these!

Montego Bay Jamaica

Our recent trip to Florida

Happy Fathers Day to the dad’s

Julie and I and Steven and Aaron (now 13 & 15) just got back from a little vacation in Florida. Julie has a friend who let us use his condo for a week and we couldn’t pass that up. We drove and Aaron did about 80% of the driving – it got old and boring even for him. It was about 20 hours total. We were able to stop and sleep and Amy and Rick’s house in Kentucky both ways – that was awesome – and we couldn’t have done it without that.

We had so much fun of course, so much fun and sun and lots of beaches and a great pool at the condo complex! We have photos published and more will be to come.

You know those cute little hard drives that don’t need their own power source and are meant mainly for lap tops – well, I do not like them! I only use mine for travelling and the laptop and everything there is in at least one other place (always a good rule). I was walking it to the laptop and it slipped out of my hands (yup it fell aighhh) – but it was not on, so I thought it would be OK, but NO, it is not being recognized. I had the beginning pics on the main hard drive already, and the last stuff was still here, but I have to get some of the middle stuff from Julie – she has it all, we just have to get together –

Wally’s flickr  - I was even able to post a video of us swimming 2009 Florida Trip, June - link to slideshow of set I’ll be adding more as I get the other images.

Julie made the first post on her facebook – these are albums anyone can see without having to be on facebook. This does include some of the images Julie has that I don’t have here.

If you are on Facebook and would like to "be our friends" -join us - we love it!

I have 3 albums started – I’ll be adding more as I get the other images.

These are usually some of the same as on Flickr – usually fewer.

Travelling to Florida:

Pool and close by areas:

Treasure Island area and Beaches:

Florida trip 6-09 - Pool-collage


Back from 2 weeks in Alaska

I just got back from 2 weeks in Alaska visiting my daughter Tracy, her husband Rick and my grandson Gunther who is now 2years 4 months. I had a great time - spending a lot of time watching Gunther while they spent some time out together.  Tracy still had to work some of the days (she works nights as a nurse in Anchorage) - and even then Rick got to spend some time on the snow machine.  It was so great to really got to know that darling little man.

There was quite a bit of extra excitement.  While I was there, Redoubt volcano, which is about 103 miles south west of Anchorage as the crow flies erupted - about 5 times the first day - March 23rd and a good 18 major times in total.  We are in the Mat Su Valley - in the Palmer area and were not really affected too much.  It was not a lava flow - but an ash and gas emission that sent plumes int o the air as high as 65,000 ft.  In most cases - the winds drifted them away for m us - but on the Sunday/Monday before I left the did hit Anchorage and our area nd we got a light dusting.  This caused havoc with the airport - causing it to shut down. Even when I left Thursday night, Alaska Air was canceling many in state flights - but my NWA flight did fly out on time.  Rick collected a little baggie of ash for me from our front porch and we saw a lot of ash  on the snow - especially in Palmer itself - which seemed to have gotten more that us.

These collages are made with images form the Alaska Volcano Observatory which was monitoring the situation carefully and had updates every hour.  They have awesome images on the site of every stage of the eruptions, even live webcams that were sometimes clear enough to see.

Map anda images for the AVO

REdoubt Volcano - ash

Redoubt Volcano


their house, property and view


Pioneer-peak -