Angela and Kevin's Baby Claire - Wally Spice Photogrpahy

Julie and Wally just photographed Angela and Kevin’s darling baby Claire when she was just 2 months old at their home. We had already photographed the wedding and the maternity “Belly Pics” and it was great to photograph the new family. Here are some of the great comments in Face book from Angela

Angela:  OMG, Wally & Julie; you are unbelievable!!!

Angela: It is AWESOME!!! I can't believe how good the pics turned out....wait, yes I can believe it. You guys are awesome!!

Julie Attends Sync Convention in Florida and then photographs a local couple in the Ybor.

My daughter Julie Proudfoot and our friend Dawn Havrelock  attended the SYNC convention for Senior Photography in Florida.Afterwards they were fortunate enough to  photograph Sarah and Chris in Ybor City for some romantic fun engagement images - in and around the city of Ybor.

What an opportunity - they did a great job and had a lot of fun.

[vimeo w=500&h=400]

Erin and Brock 9-19-09

This is the video for the wedding of Erin and Brock, taken September 19,09. Julie was the main photographer. They met at the house beforehand and enjoyed some fun "Urban" romantics at Hart Plaza, Belle Isle and the back of the Ren Cen.The ceremony and reception were at Tina's Country House.

Erin had babysat Julie's boys when they were younger (she used to live across the street from her). She was able to meet and spend time with Brock when they had her out to Washington DC to photograph some engagement photos. They are truly one of the most "in love" couples I know. It was a joy to photograph their wedding!!! :-)

I apologize that this video is not coming up here - it is on our fan page at

Jessica and Billi 11-14-09 at the Hope Chapel, Heritage Gardens, and Vintage House

Our wedding last weekend for Jessica and Billi was so fantastic. The ceremony was at the Hope Chapel in Shelby Township - the historic train and beautiful Heritage gardens close by were perfect for our romantics - even as the sun was going down. The evening was topped by a great reception at the Vintage house where everyone had a terrific time.

They are featured on our Facebook Fan page also

About this time 2 years ago we did a most fantastic wedding for Annie (Rancillio) and Mark Loughead. We photographed her sister Rachel's wedding earlier too. Annie has been super supportive and recommended us to Jessica and Jim who we just photographed last weekend. It was great to see Annie there. they had one of our Animoto fast paced slideshows too but we weren't into FB yet. So I got out their video, and re-mixed it with out Favorite "Happy" song. Their ceremony was at St Mathew's church in Detroit, we had awesome romantics on Belle Isle and ended the eve with a great reception at Andiamos. Happy Anniversary! (Just a little late)

Kathleen and Dennis 10-09-09 at the Roostertail

The wedding of Kathleen and Dennis on 10-09-09 at the Roostertail in Detroit. The Girls got ready at the Greektown Casino Hotel. They had their first special meeting on the stairs of the Roostertail and proceeded to a great Urban Shoot - even in the rain we had a great time. The inside ceremony and reception at the Roostertail, on the Detroit River was very elegant and beautiful. Everyone had a great time.

My daughter Tracy and her family visit from Alaska

This is the video of our family visit with my daughter Tracy, her husband Rick and my darling 3 year old grandson Gunther in October of 09. We had such a fantastic time - a family BBQ, a day at the Zoo, A day at Blake's Apple Orchard fun Yard, ...and lots of time just playing and getting to know each other at home. Lot's of great toys found from when my older grandson's, Aaron and Steven, were little (They are 13 & 15 now). This is such a treasured time since they live in Alaska and just can't get down here as often.


See lots of images from their visit on my Flickr Account - it is best to use the sets on the right.

Wedding Weekend in Louisville Kentucky for Chris and Selam September 4,5,6 2009

We enjoyed a great wedding weekend in Louisville Kentucky for our friends Chris and Selam. The rehearsal dinner was at Churchill Downs, with a tour and the wedding and fun reception at their local Orthodox Church.It was also great to see Kelly and... Mike, we photographed their wedding last month. I worked with Jim VL and his daughter Taylor and we had a lot of fun also. Taylor loves horses and follows the Kentucky Derby every year - she really loved to tour of Churchill Dpwns. It really was interesting. The images in this album were only taken by Wally Spice. Jim took a lot also, setting up his studio lights for the formal alter returns and his Photo booth that Taylor ran all evening, etc.

The album on my facebook profile, that anyone can see is at:

This is the video from some of my favorite images.

Kelly and Mike 7-18-09

The wedding of Kelly and Mike on July 18th. The ceremony was St Lawrence in Utica. We had some fun romantics in the Rochester area, especially by the Brewery, and then ended up at Cherry Creek for a great reception.

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Alaina and Andrew 7-17-09

This is the video from our Friday wedding 7-17-09 for Alaina and Andrew at the Inn at St John's. The weather and lighting was awesome in the gardens for the romantics, they had a beautiful ceremony in the sanctuary and such a fun reception in the atrium. This was the first time I saw the Bride & groom perform a version of the dance from Sum Dog Millionaire. I ended my video with a few images of that.

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Andrea and Chris 7-11-09

This is the video from Andrea and Chris that Julie and her team photographed for us on 7-11-09. Their ceremony was on Grosse Ile and they had time for some great romantics on the island and in Detroit for an "Urban Shoot" . The reception was at the Dearborn Inn.

This is a link to the FB album of images we made that anyone can see.

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Cheryl and Noel 7-10-09

This is the video from the great wedding of Cheryl and Noel on 7-10-09 at Faith Lutheran Church and St Mary's Cultural Center reception hall in the Livonia Michigan area. We were able to get in a short Detroit "Urban Shoot" at Hart Plaza and the Fox that we all enjoyed.

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The Wedding of Kelly and Vince at the Pine Knob Mansion june 27th 09

Julie was the main photographer for  a great wedding at the Pine Knob Mansion for Kelly and Vince on June 27th.  The ceremony was at the Gazebo perched high on top of the hill and this was followed by lots of fun romantics and a great fun reception - both outside on the patio and inside.  The top of Pine know is the highest point in Oakland county and has a beautiful view of the area. This is the video:

Hopefully you can view this - it is sometimes easier to view in Firefox or Safari. Julie has an album on her facebook of her favorites and thsi is the link to it: (to come)

These are some of our favorites

Kelly and Vince at the Pine Knob Mansion Infra red

Kelly and Vince at the Pine Knob Mansion  6-27-09

Kelly and Vince at the Pine Knob Mansion  6-27-09