Julie's 2 Great Trash the Dress sessions - On the beach and Underwater In the pool!!!

We had 2 great versions of the Trash the dress with Julie in Florida - and the dress is still where she will be able to wear it again to model for another photography class!

The first is the trash the dress on the beach at St Pete's - behind the Trade Wind's Hotel in St Pete's where the SYNC convention for high school seniors was taking place.  They walked along the beach in the sand and ended up lying at the edge of the sand as the water lapped over them>
The second was right in a pool completely underwater.  I really give her a lot of credit for doing this one.
We really thank our photography friends and instructors - Visualizations Photography Inc and Sacha Blue for photographing Julie and Ed!  Wally and Ed took some of these also.

Happy Valentines Day - Special!

Valentines Special - Feb 9 - 28, 2013  Free Engagement Session!

To celebrate the occasion, and to celebrate our newlyweds - Julie and Ed,  who just got married in Florida at the  end of January - we'll add an engagement portrait session to any new contracts written within this time frame -The session itself can take at any time before your wedding - in the studio or local destination areas.

Julie and Ed's engagement  session in Florida, photographed by our friend Steve White - 

Our beautiful stunning bride - that's our girl! Julie Proudfoot!

Travis Broxton is a fantastic photographer from Colorado .  He spoke at one of our DPPA meetings and Julie worked a wedding with him in Denver, He is one of the main photographers of the day of the wedding and this is one of them - more to come

Julie Proudfoot - Florida bride
Braxton Art - Travis Broaxton of Denver Colorado

First Sneak Peek Photos for Julie and Ed's Florida Wedding

Just got home from a fantastic time in Florida, in the St Pete area,  - for Julie and Ed's wedding!  We had such a great time - we appreciated the gracious hospitality of our friend Kathy who let us stay at her beautiful home and all the family and friends who could make it.  We had about 25-30 for the ceremony itself -  a breathtaking little alcove in the palm trees in Fort De Sota Park  - she wanted it right by the water but it was so cold and windy there that we moved in some -  THANK YOU to all the photographers there to help capture the moments.  There were about a dozen plus photographers - sometimes at different times who helped photograph the photographer's wedding!
Thank you also to our videographer Andrea McKenzier,  Wedding Planner Andrea Solomon and to Melonie Walker who was our officiant .

.There will be many more organized groups coming as we edit and work on them - they met at the house, we photographed at the Botanical Gardens close by,, the ceremony and park site at Fort De Soto park, the Hurricane Dinner location, and  the beach across the street - That was just the day of the wedding - on the days following we went into Ybor city, around Tampa, and a trash the dress shoot on the beach behind the Trade Winds Hotel - where the SYNC convention was taking place...another great dinner , and an under water shoot-in the pool by the convention..in her dress!

Here are a few more of the first ones that we have published and seen on Facebook


Julie and Ed are getting married in Florida Thursday Jan-31

We are all very excited to be traveling to Florida for Julie and Ed's wedding - They are already there and are making sure all is finalized.  I am leaving with her  boys Steven and Aaron in the morning -  (Way too early - plane leaves at 6:30am!) 

We are staying in the St Pete area and the ceremony will be at a beach in the Ft De Soto park!  Just small and intimate -- here are a few images from the early photos - the Infra red and some of the others are taken by our friend Steve White - a great photographers from the west side of Michigan that is a master of the infra red. Others by Julie and Ed..  This will be very well documented with so many of our photography friends there.  Can't wait - Looking forward to the warm Florida sun!
Stay tuned!  WE have images on our FB profiles too and the main Wally Spice Photogrpahy fan page!

Florida - Julie and Ed's Wedding - Coming up SOON!

We are all very excited about Julie and Ed's upcoming wedding at the end of this month on a beach in Florida - it will be very small and intimate but it will be so great to get away.  Her boys, Aaron and Steven will be walking her down the aisle! They have picked a setting in DeSoto Park  and we are staying with friends in St Pete.  A few days after the  wedding they are attending the SYNC convention for High School Seniors as they have in the past years. (Nothing like a honeymoon at an educational photography convention - but hey - that is what we do and like! - how great that they both great professional photographers)

Obviously there will be a gazillion photos and lots of photographers - there will even be a fun trash the dress shoot the day after! They will definitely be well documented and I'll be sure to feature them here!
If you need anything done at the studio - best to try to get in while they are still in town - they are the ones most familiar with everything there!
We are working hard to finish up as much as we can before of course - and I will not be gone as long as they are.

I found a few photos from a trip I took to Florida in 2005  - when I photographed a friend's daughter's wedding there !  Hope we can enjoy the same calmness.  Julie absolutely loves Palm trees - and I am sure she will have her share to ENJOY!

Happy 20th Anniversary to Wally Spice Photography in 2013!

Happy NEW YEAR  to all our family, clients  and friends!!

2013 is going to be a fantastic year!  We celebrate our 20th year for Wally Spice Photography! We vow to show that we are just as vibrant and innovative as when we started and will work hard to keep growing and be the best we can be!
I have been working hard on this brand new Web re-design - it still is a work in progress (and probably always will be) but it is live! We hope you enjoy it and please give us your input!

We'll be having some great anniversary specials too throughout the year!

We have come a long way and have so much to be thankful for.  We love our new Studio Space (2 plus years now) and Julie and Ed especially are working so hard  to make that vibrant and successful. I am so proud of their hard work, talent and dedication!
Besides - we have a wedding this year as Julie and Ed get married  in Florida with a small intimate ceremony on the beach!

Happy Thanksgiving - Holiday Special

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a good Black Friday.  The following Sat - is small business Saturday which is a great way to shop small and shop local at the local businesses around you.  A great practice anytime!

We have a Holiday special going at our studio and would love to have you stop by and have a mini session for $49 which includes 24 free holiday cards.
Times are by appointment so please give us a call - we'll be there for you - just call ahead!

Holiday Special

Hello everyone! Fall update on our family and Business!

Time has flown by - and now the summer is over and fall is in full swing.I have not been as active here and  hope to rectify that.

I am pretty well settled in my new apartment and love being so close to the studio (I can walk the 1/4 mile or so) and to Julie. I do love it here- still more to organize and put away - but have been busy working and spending a lot of time on the computer.  Trying hard to work on some new promotions.

The summer has been busy! Julie is now president of the Detroit Professional Photographers Association and doing a great job.  So great to see her go this route as I was the president in 2008.   Ed and I are still on the board for the Professional Photographers of Michigan. Julie and ed are officially engaged - which we are all thrilled about - they are planning a small beach wedding in Florida in January before the SYNC  Senior convention she always goes to.

Aaron graduated with his class as a senior from Cousino high school.  He has one more year full time at Macomb Community College from the early college program in high school and will graduate with an Associates degree - on the state monies!  Julie had an open house for him in the summer. We also had a garage sale before I left at the house in Hazel Park and Julie had one this summer at her house.

We are working on another web site up grade - one that is a little more friendly to the mobile generation and is hopefully easy to keep up.  I wish I knew more about web design - I know what I want to do but can get in trouble when it does not turn out right (hope you didn't see the awful dark scroll background I ended up with earlier today for a short time)  The blog will hopefully be able to get fully moved over and the Animoto Videos will hopefully be able to play again.

We are loving the studio space - Julie is doing great with the High School Seniors there,  as well as other portraits like babies and families. It is so nice to meet with clients there - I can actually have the living room to myself here - without portfolio bridal photos on the wall!

The studio got a makeover - we pained the main wall facing the parking lot a bright blue - can't miss us now - and the parking lot is getting the asphalt resurfaced etc.  Looking good!

a bright facelift for the studio

PPM - Professional Photographers of Michigan Board of Directors

PPM board of Directors The Professional Photographers of Michigan held their annual Photo Expo at the phenomenal Motor City Casino.  Wally Spice and Ed Westerwood were among the ones installed as the new board of directors.

Julie was also active and entered the print competition - receiving a blue ribbon for one of her 4 prints. Her and Ed entered a dual maker album from their "Steam-punk"  High school senior album. They won a blue ribbon and will be entering it at Regional.

Julie's sons (my grandsons) Steven and Aaron were also there as various times as volunteers and student members. They sat in on many of the classes and had a great time.

Happy New Year from Wally Spice Photography and WSP Seniors!

  A huge THANK YOU to all of our wonderful clients and friends for the fantastic year of 2011 in our business. Thank you all for your love, confidence, encouragement and support!

It was definitely a year of growth and change as we had our first full year in our new studio space in Warren! Julie and I had so much fun fixing it up, accumulating countless chairs, backgrounds, lights, props, office furnishings, etc. to make it our studio home and office area, and we LOVE it!  It has evolved so much since we first started and will always be a work in progress!  It was hectic, crazy, and busy at times but we loved every minute!

We still photographed about 20 weddings and enjoyed each and every one.  We had the best brides and grooms to work with and the most awesome locations.  We especially loved all the varying locations for Romantics, like our very favorite Urban Shoots in Detroit, which have become a specialty for us.

This is the year we really launched our High School Senior program in earnest.  Last year we photographed about 8 seniors, but this year that went to at least 65!!  Julie has been the creative mastermind behind this and I am so proud of her.  We all loved the fantastic Senior Safari  for our models in early May and this grew to so many fantastic sessions!  Everyone commented that we were so refreshingly different.  We designed a dedicated logo and name for our senior division and decided to give the seniors their own Facebook fan page.  It grew from just a handful to over 500 fans in a very short time!   We have separate albums for our major locations: Locations - Urban Shoot (Detroit),  Rochester,  Studio,  Sterling Heights, and Plymouth. Be sure to check out www.facebook.com/WSPseniors.wallyspicephotography We LOVE our fans!

We also enjoyed photographing quite a few babies, children and families, many from our former brides who will always enjoy free studio sessions (files and prints not included).  It is heartwarming to see our bridal couples become loyal clients and friends as their families grow. And we sincerely appreciate the referrals!

Our main Fan Page for Wally Spice Photography has also been very active and popular, especially for the weddings and portraits as well as some of the other unique events we photographed.  Be sure to check out www.facebook.com/wallyspicephotography We have links to our fan pages on the menu bar!

I am also so proud that both of Julie's sons (my grandsons) have been active this year working with us.  Aaron did a lot of assisting on the weddings, contributing some awesome images.  He also helped with some of the endless editing.  Steven has shown a great interest too, he loved photographing the high school football games and also assisted on some senior sessions.  This has truly been a family business and we all love it!

I do feel bad that this blog has not been as active this year as it has in the past years, it was an extremely busy year as we grew our horizons and our face book fan pages have taken up the slack, but this will be better next year. We are also looking to update and improve our actual website this year, but the blog will stay intact.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your continuing support as we venture into another exciting year! We learned so much this great 2011, that 2012 will be even better and bigger!


Wally, Julie, Aaron, Steven

Wally Spice Photography was the official Photographer for the PWG Bridal Show

We were the official photographers for the Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal show at Petruzzellos  recently and had a great time.  Julie took the normal candids and detail photos of the beautiful ballroom and  how much fun everyone was having. Julie and Diane Flores  had a fantastic idea this time for a special photo contest - I set up a background and photographed every bride (that wanted to0) next to the photo of the new square SE Michigan Perfect Wedding Guide magazine poster.  These are all on the fan page for Perfect Wedding Guide and the brides  and their family and freinds are going to the site,  liking it - and then finding the bride of their choice and Liking  their photo or making a comment under the photo. The bride with the most "likes" will have her wedding featured in the next issue of the Perfect wedding Guide.

I had so much fun taking the photos and often encouraged them to be a little different - as in "show me some attitude!"

110 brides ended up having their photo posted- and the competition is getting very heated. Kyleigh Roberts has 345, Nikki Earl has 344 and Gerilynn Karoub has 255! as of  March 27th - and we only go to April 1st.  Good luck ladies and have fun!

I enjoyed working with all of you, and IF you do not already have a photographer we would love to be your wedding photographer!  I am extending a special $200 off discount to anyone that books with us at Wally Spice Photography!

Give us a call and lets talk about your specific plans!

One of our weddings was featured in the the first square magazine - take a look at Lindsey and Scott and the stunning photos of  their dip in front of the Fox theater at night - part of our fun and famous  "Urban Shoot" and the other great images on pages 22 - 23. This spread was used in all the marketing for the contest as an example of what you can win!

This is the link to the Perfect Wedding Guide Fan Page - then go to Photos for the photo album


Album link with the photos

Wally Spice Photography taking the photos of the brides for the PWG bridal show.

Wally Spice Photography taking the photos of the brides for the PWG bridal show.

IWally Spice and Julie Proudfoot with Wally Spice Photography taking the photos of the brides for the PWG bridal show.

IWally Spice and Julie Proudfoot with Wally Spice Photography taking the photos of the brides for the PWG bridal show.

Wally Spice with Wally Spice Photography

Wally Spice with Wally Spice Photography

Wally Spice Photography featured wedding in Perfect Wedding Guide magazine

Wally Spice Photography featured wedding in Perfect Wedding Guide magazine

Merry Christmas from our family and from Wally Spice Photography here in the Metro Detroit area!

Hope you are enjoying the Holidays and getting ready to have a very Merry Christmas. We usually celebrate Christmas Eve in the German Tradition, but this year Julie's boys wanted to go up north to be with their dad a little earlier, so we had our special dinner and get together on Tuesday.  Aaron came by early to help me clean up and cook the Rolladen.  My brother Gunther came by after work and we had a nice dinner and family time.

This is our Christmas card this year - with images from this eve and some of the other best images of 2010 both here in Michigan and Alaska where my youngest daughter Tracy lives with her family - especially my little grandson Gunther who is 4 now.

Wally's Christmas Card for 2010

ENJOY the holidays and have a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours and from Wally Spice Photography.

Food Collected for the Gleaners Food Banks in Warren Michigan

For our New Studio Open Houses, we offered a free photo with Santa and asked everyone, strictly voluntarily, to bring in some non perishable food to donate to the Gleaners Food Banks in our area. Well today we took everything in to the Warren Distribution center. We ended up with 190 pounds - which they say can feed at least 200 people! Thank you for your generosity! This is especially helpful a this time - when the temps are cold and holidays near!http://www.gcfb.org/site/PageServer?pagename=homepage

Food collected from the Wally Spice Photography Open houses for the Gleaners Food Banks

Food collected from the Wally Spice Photography Open houses for the Gleaners Food Banks

Food collected from the Wally Spice Photography Open houses for the Gleaners Food Banks

Food collected from the Wally Spice Photography Open houses for the Gleaners Food Banks

One more chance to have a free photo with Santa and see our new studio space

Our last 2 open houses for our Grand Opening of our New Studio space went very well - Thank you for your donations to the Gleaners food bank and thank you for coming in to see us.  Everyone loved Santa and their free photo and often we had a chance to take a few more candids around the studio. We had many say how much they enjoyed bringing their kids to visit Santa and many asked us if we were going to be doing it again. So...we are now answering with YES, for one last time, on Sunday, December 19th from noon until 3pm, we will be offering this again. We are asking you to bring a donation of food that we will be donating to the Gleaners Food Bank. And of course have a free photo with Santa.

Please see the details in the new flyer that I am attaching.  Hope to see you there!!

Flyer for a Santa Session at Wally Spice Photography Studio

Grand Opening of our New Studio Space - Free photo with Santa and a canned goods collection for Gleaners Food Bank.

Grand Opening Open House - Come see our new studio space!!! We asked you to save the date - now here are the details - we've added a second date - Wed Dec1 and Sunday Dec 5th! Bring the kids for a free photo with Santa.We will be donating any canned goods etc to the Gleaners Food Bank if you wish to help out in the Holiday spirit. ...We can even design holiday cards in time to send out! Come join us!!! Come say Hi!!

Wednesday Dec 1st - 4-8 PM Sunday Dec 5th - noon - 6PM Our New Location: 31100 Hoover, Unit #3 2 miles north of 696, Just north of 13 Mile In the strip bldg behind the Barber shop & Jennies Pierogies 248-547-9380; Julie cell - 810-241-2280 Cookies and light refreshments will be served.

Open House Flier for Wally Spice Photography's new Studio Space

Wally Spice Photography has a new Studio Space

Well we really did it - We just got the key for the new space we are going to use as a studio! Very excited, yet also very nervous! Sometimes you have to take a risk and work hard to make it work!! It is a big change for us but Julie and I are so excited. I will keep working the weddings out of my home studio for now -.and will be using the studio space mainly for portraits and seniors. Now lots of work ahead of us!!! It is on Hoover just north of 13 mile - just 2 miles north of 696. Julie is just north of it in Sterling Heights and the high school her boys go to is just south of us. It's not huge and not really a store front - but we really don't need that at this point. It will take some work to fix up like we want it but that will be fun too!

We are aiming  for the date of  Wednesday December 1st for our Grand Opening - complete with a free photo with Santa for the kids - so HOLD that date!!

We have a Bridal Show this weekend!!!

We are so excited to have a booth in the Perfect Wedding Guide's bridal show next Sunday - at Petruzzellos in Troy - (OMG - that's in 1 week!). We haven't done a bridal show in over 10 years... Working hard on marketing and promotional pieces - I like to design these myself, love it, but tend to take forever on every little thing....Come say HI! Tickets are free if you sign up online.

Happy St Patrick's Day - new fliers for the Detroit Zoo "Say I DO- at the Zoo" - by Wally Spice Photography

Happy St Patrick's day everyone - ENJOY! I just got back from the Detroit Zoo and it was packed already - great day. I brought them more promotional fliers that I make to help them with their marketing - I l love supporting them - it's a great place for a wedding and lots of other programs they do - "Say I do at the Zoo!"

Fliers for the Detroit Zoo by Wally Spice Photography

Julie Attends Sync Convention in Florida and then photographs a local couple in the Ybor.

My daughter Julie Proudfoot and our friend Dawn Havrelock  attended the SYNC convention for Senior Photography in Florida.Afterwards they were fortunate enough to  photograph Sarah and Chris in Ybor City for some romantic fun engagement images - in and around the city of Ybor.

What an opportunity - they did a great job and had a lot of fun.


[vimeo http://vimeo.com/9893414 w=500&h=400]