Happy Holidays

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season.  We have been super busy trying our best to get caught up and our weddings uploaded and orders out.  We are getting there and everything WILL br out before Christmas if it was promised. We have desisgned quite a few holiday cards and I did take a little time to design one for my self. I love the bubble motif I can use in getting many little images in. It was fun getting in so many family fun images - especially of my 3 great adorable grandsons - Julie's son's Aaron (13) and Steven (11) and baby Gunther (1), Tracy and Rick's son in Alaska

Wally's Holiday card

I also designed a card for the Detroit Professional Photographers Association.  As president this was the invitation from myself and the rest of the board members to the upcoming holiday party for all our members.

DPPA borad of directors

Don't forget we ahave a new link on the main web site page for the 2007 Holiday specials and prices.  I am still getting out orders in time for Christmas, even Holiday cards - but please do try to get them in as soon as possible.

Julie helps photograph 2 weddings in Aspen Colorado

Julie had the honor to help photograph two weddings in Aspen over Labor Day weekend.  Last year at DPPA, it was our job to find photographers to speak to our organization.  We brought in Travis Broxton of Broxton Art, in Colorado, to speak.  He did a great job and we loved his work!!  Julie asked him when she could come photograph with him and after seeing our work he told her anytime! 

Travis is a very successful, high end, popular photographer in Colorado, this was a great experience for Julie to broaden her horizons and learn from one of the best.

Both of the below weddings were held at breathtaking sites in Aspen!!!! 

Aspen Colorado

Aspen Colorado

ASpen COlorado

Aspen COlorado


These images were taken around Aspen and Denver.

When we were in Aspen for the two weddings, Travis’s wife Pat and her friend Carolyn accompanied us.  That is the three of us girls in the Aspen images below.  Travis’s wife Pat is a great cook and after a couple of long days of shooting it was great to have home cooking.  Pat and Carolyn explored Aspen by taking some great hikes, etc. while we were photographing the weddings.

Travis took Julie around Denver on her last day there and took some great images of her around town.


DenverJulie Proudfoot

Happy Holildays

Hope you are enjoying the holidays and the joys of this busy season. We did some family images of our own immediate family here also. This is Julie and I and her sons Aaron and Steven.

Our family

My daughter Tracy and her husband Rick are great photographers themselves and it was Rick's idea to photograph with the real bear skin run and moose antlers. Interesting & creative! Gunther is about 5 weeks old in these.

Gunther Family

Family Fun

Pat and Steve's grand daughter Sherry Ann was visiting in July and spent some time with us for summer family fun. This is Fort Fraser playground by Julie - the 3 cousins had lots of fun playing together and I love being with my grandsons and family.  I love playing witht he camera even in normal settings - what better way to preserve the memories. Fort Fraser

Julie attends “GLIP” - Great Lakes Institute of Photography

This June 11- 16, Julie completed a course at the Great Lakes Institute of Photography, a school for professional photography and digital imaging.  This was a week of intensive study honing the craft of photographic imaging with more than 100 other photographic students from Michigan and several other states.  It was held at Northwestern Michigan college in Traverse City, Michigan.  
These are some of the images taken in Julie's class.  She studied with an incredible wedding photographer, Ken Sklute, met some great new friends,  and had a lot of fun!!! She roomed with her good friend Shawn Walters in a dorm setting and loved how their group became so close - like a family- as they shared and learned from the instructor and each other.  What a great experience!!
Main photographers at GLip
(That's Julie above on the far bottom right)
 3rd collage from Glip class

Julie’s Arena football in Grand Rapids

Julie and Brian have been doing some photographing for the Grand Rapids Rampage the last couple years.  Arena football is so much fun and they really enjoy photographing there.  Julie took the image that is on the Grand Rapids Media Guide cover.  The same image is also a background image on the football tickets, on other pages of the media guide, and as a background image on part of their website.  The image on the inside of the front cover is also Julie's.program cover, ticket 
This is Brian's image of Chris Avery as he jumps into the end zone while catching a football.  Julie and Brian both have many images throughout the media guide.
Julie photographed this little girl reading her media guide during the April 29th game when they played the Nashville Kats.  The score of that game was 61-54, Grand Rapids win.
little girl and book
Arena football is something I call a cross between football and hockey.  It is very fast-paced and very exciting!!  It is in-your-face football.  It is played on a 50-yard field.  To go "out-of-bounds" the players run into a padded wall, often ending up very close to the crowd, or in the crowd!
 This is Julie's son Aaron getting autographs after the game.  They always have football players and cheerleaders on the field for a half an hour after each game to sign autographs.

Julie and Brian attend WPPI in Las Vegas

 In mid April,  Julie and Brian attended WPPI - Wedding and Portrait Photographers International in Las Vegas. The convention had 4 days of studying with phenomenal speakers from Australia, California, New York, England - all over the country and all over the world! - So Inspirational - This is how we stay on the edge and up to date with all the latest photography trends and techniques.  The 3 day trade show was also overwhelming with every album company, camera company etc etc - anything you can think about for wedding  and portrait photography. Some  free time was spent walking - taking lots of photos - Julie especially liked taking some infra red images of the palm trees on the strip.

 Ballagio fountain