Blue Eyed Baby Girl Braedyn

On September 16th Julie and I photographed the darling little Braedyn while she was visiting at her Nandi and Pappa's house in West Bloomfield., She is about 8 months old and the daughter of Ericka and Matt - whose wedding we photographed in 2004. She was coming down with a little cold, but we still got some great images. Look at that cute tutu and those big blue eyes!  We love working with and having such a great relationship with our former bridal couples and their families. Braedyn



Julie Photographs Ella in Travers City

On September 12 & 13 Julie photographed the darling little Ella in Traverse City.  She had photographed her older sister Bailey when she was about 3, so now it was time for Ella.  Beautiful setting and such an enchanting little girl. This is Mike Staff's daughter, the phenomenal mastermind behind Mike Staff Productions.  We recommend each other all the time because we know we can work together so well and we all do great work! Ella



Family Session in Adrian

On August 17we photographed a family session in Adrian Michigan.  Cassie and Corey were a bridal couple we photographed a few years ago and this included them and there son Edison, as well as her brother Jason and his wife Emily and their son Jackson and their parents Barb and Gary. The beautiful property backed into a little stream and we had a lot of fun. We even got everyone into one big family photo as well as all the smaller family units. The special session with Edison for his first birthday photos was also fun and we  got a lot of great images. Cassey Corey

CAssie Corey Family

Cassie Corey family

lso turned out

Fields of Sunflowers - and 4 little kids!

Last year, around the beginning of October,  we remembered seeing beautiful fields of wild sunflowers along the service drive of Southfield Expressway in Dearborn. We always wanted to photograph some cute little kids in there - Unfortunately we heard the crop this year was not as abundant and already starting to wilt.  We quickly called some of our great loyal children's photography moms to see if they might be up for some fun photography and were thrilled to be able to pull it off September 28th.  We found a great spot - and 4 of the cutest little kids got to roam through the maze of plants. We all had so much fun - definitely more "catching them on the run" than posing. Thanks to Cole and Lily, and to Ava and little Jack we got some very awesome images.  It is just unfortunate that these great flowers won't be around much longer - next year we'll start getting everyone interested - in mid September! sunflower fields

Ava and JAck

Cole and Lily

An on Location Family Session

On Sunday August 13th Julie and I photographed the family of Sarah and Danny and their 2 darling children - Cole and Lily.  Sarah is the sister of Mary - one of our brides from last year - she joined us also. We did a lot in their back yard in familiar settings for the kids and then moved on to a great playground in Northville. It was a lot of fun trying to keep up with them.  Sarah and Family

 SArah's family 2