Tracy is due in less than a month!

My youngest daughter Tracy is very pregnant and due to have her little boy November 22nd.  She is huge and doing fine - still working at the hospital as an IC nurse.It is very hard for me and Julie to be so far away at this special time in her life. She has been posting images to a Flickr site that anyone can look at. The site is if anyone would like to browse any of her great images.  She just figured out away to change the settings so that anyone can download the images - even high res ones - so please bear with me as I post some personal collages.

Tracy pregnant 

We sure wish we could be with her - it is very comforting to know that she has so many very close friends and co-workers that all look out for each other.  Not many have close family up there so they all adopt each other and are truly "family" - for that I am so thankful.

She has gone through this pregnancy with her very close friend Bonita who had her little girl October 23rd.

On October 20th her friend from work - Irene,  had a very nice shower for her at a restaurant in Anchorage for all her co-workers and friends.  They took up a collection in her unit and Irene was abler to buy almost everything Tracy had registered for at Baby Depot - a division of Burlington Factory that is very popular up there.

Tracy's baby shower

Tracy commented on this photo with Irene:"Irene was such a gracious host. I couldn't have dreamed of a better Shower. Although I wish my family and out of state friends could have been there."

In the area of her new house in Palmer there are 2 other couples that they are very close with.  The girls work together at the hospital.  Candice and Angie  had a small "Tea Party" shower for Tracy and Bonita at Candace's House September 14th - which was also so nice - look at the cute "carharts"

Sept 14th shower

Rick is busy making a "greenhouse" for Tracy on their new property.  They were thrilled the learn that their old house in Wasilla sold and the couple wants to move in November 1st.  They still have a lot of stuff stored in that garage so this will hopefully serve as a temporary shed to store all that.  In the spring they hope to build a garage and Tracy will have a great greenhouse.

I am working with  1 bride who just had a baby, 3 brides who are due in November and 1 due in January - so they are letting share in their joy some. Thank you girls.

We are super busy between now and Christmas, so I cannot possibly leave now, but I will be going up to visit her for 2 weeks or so in January.  I'm really looking forward to that.