Tracy & Rick’s new House in Palmer Alaska

Tracy and Rick moved into their new house in Palmer in August and are really loving it.  It sits on an acre with a beautiful view of the mountains which is what they always wanted. This is quite a bit larger  than the house in Wasilla (which is sold now also) - for their expanding family.  We fell in love with this natural burl wood in our Alaska traveling in 2003 - so I know they love the banister made of this - the loft is awesome. It's a huge dream kitchen.  The master bedroom is upstairs, the baby's room downstairs, with room to partition off another bed room on the main floor. They have 2 baths and an "arctic entrance" -  which is like a large mud room - no one has basements in Alaska because of the perma frost. Tracy & Rick new House Tracy & Rick new house 2

view from new house

What great views - it has been raining a lot - so how lucky to catch a rainbow and to have clear enough skies to see the spectacular northern lights.  That is the Knik river they see. Rick took these last 2 awesome photographs.  Great Job!