The Animoto Slideshows now show up in Internnet Explorer as well as Firefox and Safari!

As of Aug 4th - I'm happy to announce that we figured out what the problem was, and the Animoto slideshows are now showing up for all of us - even if you use Internet Explorer. I still prefer Firefox, but I do realize a lot of internet users are still using Internet Explorer.THANK YOU to to Brian, for figuring this out. It needed a little extra code, and once it was explained to me - I can even add it! Can't believe how techie we've all become!

I may even let Animoto know - they never got back with me on the solution!

I apologize for not keeping this up to date during this time - I didn't want to add videos that a lot of people couldn't even see!

July was a great and busy month for us this year with 5 weddings: I just updated the blog with the great slideshows we love so much on all of these, as well as links to the Facebook "Albums" of images that anyone can see.

If you are a FB user - take a look at our Fan Page: Take a look - become a FAN!