October 8-13, OES Grand Chapter Session

I am the official Photographer for the Michigan Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star - a Fraternal Masonic Group that both men and women can belong to.  This week was their Yearly convention in Battle Creek - their Grand Chapter Session for the Plater-Haynor Grand Family and the Installation for the new Parks-Wheeler Grand Family.  This is something I have photographed for the last 13 years.  Faith Dew works the main production, but was also honored this year as an escorting grand page - so she was on the floor during most of the actual sessions, working very hard the rest of the time.  Steve was also helping me photograph. It was very exciting and busy and very hectic.  We had 2 laptops, a main computer, and 2 printers in our room, printing out the framed groups to sell right there and the proofing sheets. We had an area at the back of the arena to display our images and sell, thanks to the help of Pat, Lisa and Shari at the table. Images will be online about mid-November for this 2006 session.  The images from the 2005 session are also still online and available.  Go to my main website, use the "Event Proofing" tab, click on the "list of active events" at the bottom of the page, enter your e-mail address, find and click on the event.  No passwords are needed.

OES Grand Chapter