Fields of Sunflowers - and 4 little kids!

Last year, around the beginning of October,  we remembered seeing beautiful fields of wild sunflowers along the service drive of Southfield Expressway in Dearborn. We always wanted to photograph some cute little kids in there - Unfortunately we heard the crop this year was not as abundant and already starting to wilt.  We quickly called some of our great loyal children's photography moms to see if they might be up for some fun photography and were thrilled to be able to pull it off September 28th.  We found a great spot - and 4 of the cutest little kids got to roam through the maze of plants. We all had so much fun - definitely more "catching them on the run" than posing. Thanks to Cole and Lily, and to Ava and little Jack we got some very awesome images.  It is just unfortunate that these great flowers won't be around much longer - next year we'll start getting everyone interested - in mid September! sunflower fields

Ava and JAck

Cole and Lily