PPA in Austin Texas in January

Waaly at Art Leathers Booth at PPAPPA 3 sit blog.jpgIMG_8646.JPGThis January I was excited to go to my first Professional Photographers of America convention in Austin Texas. For many years I have always just gone to WPPI- Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Convention - in Las Vegas - so this was something different.The most exciting part was visiting the Art Leather booth - my images were everywhere - including this large duratron display of I-mount albums featuring my images! Many other albums scattered throughout their huge display booth had my images in the designs. The trade show was pretty awesome and pretty overwhelming but not as large as WPPI's.

I also really enjoyed the speakers - it is so important to stay up to date with all the many new and ever changing things going on in the world of professional photography. It is always so invigorating to see how others around the country are adapting to, and benefitting from this whole digital revolution - not to mention all the new toys we just "have to have" - more equipment, gadgets, software, albums, etc, etc, etc. Needless to say I always get inspired and challenged to try something new - or even just do what I know I should - but just don't always get around to. I love it!! There is no better way to stay excited and enthused about our great profession. That's me in the top center of the posing demonstration with Vickie Taufer and her husband Jed of V-Gallery - what a dynamic program - they were my favorite there. As Vice President in charge of programming for Aug 06- June 06 for our Detroit Professional Photographers Association, I was also very interested in speakers that we might want to invite to speak to us .

The convention kept us busy and hopping. Besides that we had fun!! I shared a room and car with Colleen and Deborah - great friends and fellow photographers and "photo chix". Austin sure pulled out the welcome mat for us - the opening party at "Maggie Mae's" in the old historic part of town was great - plus lots of great places to eat and a nice modern convention center. I love to travel, so really enjoyed seeing Texas and it's capitol. I wish I could have had more time of course, but I did get to see some of the city - like the capital building and other downtown and nearby areas.