Problem with the Blog in Internet Explorer

Are you viewing this in Internet Explorer? I have to admit I use Mozilla Firefox almost exclusively, and never have any problems with it, but I do realize that the majority of users still use Explorer. It has been drawn to my attention that the fist slideshow for Suzanne and Flint is not showing up in Explorer (and that's the best thing here)

I apologize, we are trying to work on this but it is very frustrating.

If you have the option, please try to view this in Firefox ( free downloads) or Safari. I would really like some feedback if you are having problems - please let me know.  Comment here or give me an e-mail:

PS With Brian's help we were able to correct some issues on Explorer - the only problem we still have is that the Animoto slideshows are still not showing up - even with the upgrade to Explorer 8.

Thank you