DPPA Kick Off Program September 19th

A huge warm THANK YOU to John Solano and Jay Goldman, our Kick- off wedding  speakers in September.  They were great and shared their different avenues to running their very successful studios, both specializing in weddings, in the Los Angelas area of California. Jay’s  personal flash attachment on the helmet at the end was priceless.Clint McLennen and I picked them up at the airport the evening before and took them out to a great Michigan welcome dinner where we all got to know each other a little and got to talk about the ways of doing business and having fun here in Michigan and there in California.  So very interesting, so much we can all learn from each other! Tom Hicks, from JD Color Lab  was our Early Bird Speaker, talking about what makes a great merit print. We had a great crowd for a great evening. Our President John Glass and I were honored to present them with their cerificates of Appreciation. Thanks Julie for taking our "California Guys" back to the airport the next morning.

DPPA SEpt Kick off meeting