Wedding of Suzanne and Flint at the Detroit Zoo 6-27-09

We photographed a fantastic wedding at the zoo Sat for Suzanne and Flint. They were absolute sweethearts, so expressive, beautiful and so easy to work with – plus you were the best “dippers” we’ve had in a long time – so it really made it easy to them you look great. I really think we got some phenomenal images.  We were even able to get some great infra red images with all the sunny locations.

They met beforehand for their special meeting in the butterfly garden and we got to take a tram throughout the grounds of the zoo. The first and best stop was at the poloar bear exhibit and the Arctic Ring of Life - just phenomenal.  I was hot but not unbearable and even with so many people, we had no problems gettng right in (a gorgeous gal in a white dress always commands a lot of respect and attention).  AND - the polar bear was  active right above us in the ached tunnel - wish he would have stayed and played a little longer but we still got some awesome images.

Then it was on to the Giraffe exhibit and a stop in front of the lions.  We knew of a great bridge with a pond that we also took some great images by.  We all had so much fun.

Then it was on to the actual ceremony by the bear fountain - a beautiful site. The guests and then the party was chauffeured there in trams.   After that back to the main Nautilus building for a fantastic fun reception.

We were so thrilled to be able to put a short sideshow together of just a few of the romantic images, and have them play it in the theater there.  That is always a thrill for us and the guests loved it.

This is a link to my Facebook album which has about 60 of our favorite images

Suzanne and Flint at the Detroit Zoo

Suzanne-Flint-meeting at the Zoo -collage