Sunset at the Zoo Fundraiser and Charity Event 6-19-09

Julie and I came home from Florida just in time to photograph for the Sunset at the Zoo Charity Event - as we did last year. Our friend and awesome Senior photographer David Humphrey  Joined us this year.   We all offered our photographic services and enjoyed the evening. This year they were very organized and had us at specific areas with a suggested shot list. We even had our own "volunteer' working with us that got photo releases signed anytime we had a group of people smiling for the cameras. We also donated a session and some items for the blind auction on behalf of Wally Spice Photography and David also donated 2 session for his company "Masters Photography" in Flint.

The big main auction had to switched to the big tent with weather threatening and still did terrific. I believe they raised at least 100,000 just for that.

As the auction finished the rain really did start and we were all warned to leave because of a huge very severe  storm coming - and it did - rained so hard and so much lightning and thunder.  We were all very much the drowned rats when we finally got to the cars.

It was still a great evening, the rain held off until the end, lots of people still came, the Zoo still raised a lot of money and we had fun. It is great to help such a deserving charity as the Zoo. We love it!

Some photos soon to come!