Our recent trip to Florida

Happy Fathers Day to the dad’s

Julie and I and Steven and Aaron (now 13 & 15) just got back from a little vacation in Florida. Julie has a friend who let us use his condo for a week and we couldn’t pass that up. We drove and Aaron did about 80% of the driving – it got old and boring even for him. It was about 20 hours total. We were able to stop and sleep and Amy and Rick’s house in Kentucky both ways – that was awesome – and we couldn’t have done it without that.

We had so much fun of course, so much fun and sun and lots of beaches and a great pool at the condo complex! We have photos published and more will be to come.

You know those cute little hard drives that don’t need their own power source and are meant mainly for lap tops – well, I do not like them! I only use mine for travelling and the laptop and everything there is in at least one other place (always a good rule). I was walking it to the laptop and it slipped out of my hands (yup it fell aighhh) – but it was not on, so I thought it would be OK, but NO, it is not being recognized. I had the beginning pics on the main hard drive already, and the last stuff was still here, but I have to get some of the middle stuff from Julie – she has it all, we just have to get together –

Wally’s flickr  - I was even able to post a video of us swimming 2009 Florida Trip, June - link to slideshow of set http://www.flickr.com/photos/wallyspice/sets/72157619935272971/show/ I’ll be adding more as I get the other images.

Julie made the first post on her facebook – these are albums anyone can see without having to be on facebook. This does include some of the images Julie has that I don’t have here.

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I have 3 albums started – I’ll be adding more as I get the other images.

These are usually some of the same as on Flickr – usually fewer.

Travelling to Florida:


Pool and close by areas:


Treasure Island area and Beaches:


Florida trip 6-09 - Pool-collage