Henry Ford Estate Photography for their Brochure

Last week Julie and I were honored to be asked to take some photography for the new brochure they are working on for the Henry Ford Estate.  We already have quite a few images in the Hawthorn Publication they give out for wedding and other corporate events - but this is for the Estate itself. We had a lot of fun and hope some of our images make it into the brochure. If you've never taken one of their tours - you really should - we have such a historic landmark here - this is where Henry Ford spent the latter part of his life - the history of the building and its people  is so fascinating and  interesting. Did you know he had a one lane bowling alley, and a tunnell to lead to the power house and 15 car garage with a turntable.  Edison and Firestone were friends and frequent guests. The grounds are a great place for relaxing walks.

The "Poolroom" is open for lunches during the week - we certainly enjoyed our delicious lunch! 

We really love working here for weddings - but we also really love and appreciate the historical significance.  I used to be a guide at Greenfield Village many years ago - as a college student during the summers.

HFE collage