Jane and Chris - June 24,2006 - Wally’s Wedding

My wedding with Jane and Chris was great - I worked with my brother Gunther; Shawn joined as at the house and church, and Julie joined us after her wedding was done,  at the church.  Everything was gorgeous and I loved working for a great family that I already knew so well from Susan and Nick's wedding a few years earlier.

luihi salon
The LuigiBruni salon in Birmingham was a bustling, busy "happening" place - the atmosphere, music, and friendly people really impressed me.  Luigi, one of the owners was right there working with everyone and the girls - Jane and Susan and their mom Arlene loved the service and looked terrific. That was fun!

Jane & Chris

Jane & Chris

Jane and Chris saw each other at the house and we had some time for some great romantics and family group photos before heading to The Academy of the Sacred Heart Church for a beautiful ceremony.

Jane and Chris

The reception at the Townsend was magnificent and lots of fun.