Julie’s Arena football in Grand Rapids

Julie and Brian have been doing some photographing for the Grand Rapids Rampage the last couple years.  Arena football is so much fun and they really enjoy photographing there.  Julie took the image that is on the Grand Rapids Media Guide cover.  The same image is also a background image on the football tickets, on other pages of the media guide, and as a background image on part of their website.  The image on the inside of the front cover is also Julie's.program cover, ticket 
This is Brian's image of Chris Avery as he jumps into the end zone while catching a football.  Julie and Brian both have many images throughout the media guide.
Julie photographed this little girl reading her media guide during the April 29th game when they played the Nashville Kats.  The score of that game was 61-54, Grand Rapids win.
little girl and book
Arena football is something I call a cross between football and hockey.  It is very fast-paced and very exciting!!  It is in-your-face football.  It is played on a 50-yard field.  To go "out-of-bounds" the players run into a padded wall, often ending up very close to the crowd, or in the crowd!
 This is Julie's son Aaron getting autographs after the game.  They always have football players and cheerleaders on the field for a half an hour after each game to sign autographs.