This Blog is still in a test stage - what do you think about it?

Welcome to "Wally's Blog". 

We have been working with this for awhile but just recently added the link to my main website.  It will eventually reside on my own server, - so the URL will be changing in about a month or so.  But I wanted to make it available to all who surf our main site even though it is still in a testing stage.

We really want your input on what you think of the idea of a blog in general - I am thinking of it as a sort of "Newsletter", constantly updated,  to keep you informed on what is going on in our wedding photography business as well as in some of our more personal news so you can get to know us and get a feel of who we really are.  We love photography - it is what  we are - not just what we do!

We would also appreciate what you think of some of the technical aspects.  My neice Dawn has been helping me set this up - from the San Francisco Bay area in California - she has worked in design with Mozilla - so she is a very avid supporter of the Mozilla Firefox browser.  I have always been a Windows gal - I started this blog in Windows Explorer and always had problems with the images distorting - no matter what I did.  Dawn seemed to think it was something inherent in Explorer.  So I just installed Firefox - (It was free, easy to install and works on both the windows and mac systems)- Well - I'm impressed - I have not had a single image distort since  ( )  It is being advertised as faster and safer - I'm giving it a test!  

How about you - are the images being distorted to you (elongated unnaturally) ??? Any other problems viewing it? 
Any suggestions on what you'd like to see here?