Great Testimonials from Michelle & Family

  Be sure to look at the comments on Michele and Dale's collage - I was so excited to see her and his mom post such great heart felt testimonials - you can see for youself - but I really wanted to make sure everyone saw this.  We put our heart and soul into every wedding - it's a passion not just a job - this makes it all worthwhile....

Wally, Julie & Brian~ WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!! What eles can we say? We absolutly LOVE the pictures and we love working with you guys. We all has so much fun going around and taking picture for the wedding.(even thought it was a bit cold and rainny) We can’t wait to see what the rest of the pictures look like. We know that whatever you do is going to look amazing!!! Thanks again for everything. You guys are the BEST!!! All our Love~ Michele and Dale

Hi Wally, Julie and Brian - Michele just sent us the pictures and they look GREAT! We can’t wait to see them all. I know Dale and Michele have really enjoyed working with you and can’t say enough positive things about your work. From this preview and what we saw in your slide show at the reception, we know the pictures will be amazing! Bob and Sue (Dale's Mom and Dad)

Wally, Julie and Brian You are all so exceptionally talented! The collage is just beautiful. I absolutely can’t wait for the entire package to be displayed on the website. My husband and I are exceedingly grateful for the “family feel” that the team brought to Michele and Dale’s wedding. Thank you so much! Cindy (Michele’s mom)