Weddings Alaska Style - Congratulations Tracy and Rick

On January 26, of 2006, Tracy and Rick had small ceremony in their snow covered back yard with 4 friends, a 3 year old, and our dogs. They got married outside at -15 degrees F. It was a quick thing, that is for sure, before they all froze solid. It was so pretty out though, they didn't want to do it indoors. They will have another ceremony for friends and family in July of 2007 so everyone can plan on visiting and enjoying their beautiful state.

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View inserts from her e-mail post - including the "Dr Suess vows" that I quoted in the album,  they are easier to read here.

Rick and I have some good news we wanted to share with everyone. Rick and I got officially married on thursday January 26th! We know most of you kinda expected something like this soon. We are planning to have another ceremony in 2007 for all of our friends and family from out of state. Most likely during the first two weeks of July 2007. Rick has been asking me to marry him for years now, and i keep saying not yet. I finally agreed to marry him in the end of August last year. We decided to get married now because i would hate to have him wait another year and a half. But we wanted to give our friends and family enough time to plan and to save to come to alaska. Actually we have felt like we were already married for some time now.

We are picturing a nice outside wedding up in Hatcher's Pass in the Talketna Mountain range (which is the mountains behind us). and then a big BBQ and bon fire in our back yard and catch up with everyone. We are planning to take some time off work and will be able to show people around parts of alaska. We would love have you up here to share that moment with us. Plus - Everyone should see Alaska at some point before they die. We think it is the most beautiful place on earth!

We had a small ceremony in our snow covered back yard with 4 friends, a 3 year old, and our dogs. We got married outside at -15 degrees F. It was a quick thing, that is for sure, before we froze solid. It was so pretty out though, I didn't want to do it indoors. We had our girlfriend Bonita marry us. Up here in Alaska, anyone can marry anyone. It's kinda cool. we were gonna just go to the justice of the peace, but it was more convienent to have a friend do it. We were dressed up "Alaskan style" for the ceremony. Rick in his Carharts and me in my fleece lined blue jeans, wool sweater, down jacket and ear warmers. We found a set of funny vows to say to each other. They we're Dr. Suess like. Which is kinda fitting for us actually.

It included Rick saying:

Yes, I'll love with all my heart From now until death do us part And i will love her when we're rich, And when we're broke and in a ditch, And when we're fit and when we're sick, And i will love through good and bad, And i will love when glad or sad, And I will have, and i will hold, And if i might now be so bold, I'll love her my entire life, Yes, I Will take her as my wife!

Bonita then Said:

Then if you'll take her as your wife, And if you'll love her all your life, And if you'll have, and if you'll hold, From now until the stars grow cold, And if you'll love through good and bad, And whether you're happy or sad, And love in sickness and in health, And when you're poor and when in wealth, And if you'll love with all your heart, From now until death do you part, Yes, if you'll love her through and through, Please answer with these words:

Bonita, Rick and I:



You're married now! So kiss the bride, But please, do keep it dignified.

It was very cute. Bonita and Candace made up paper lunch sacks with tea light candles in them and made a aisle. Bonita's 3 year old son Gunner walked me down the isle. Everyone was humming here comes the bride. During the ceremony our dogs, Sitka a St. Bernard who will turn 2 in a couple of weeks and Sequoia who is a 2 year old cute Lab / pit bull mix, and Gunner were running around us playing. Sitka started barking at Gunner so i had her sit next to me, but when she sat down, she knocked over one of those sacks with the candle in it and the girls were stomping on it so it wouldn't catch fire. We have a video of it, it is pretty funny actually. We took a few pictures, but it was getting dark and i don't think the flash went off. My digital camera and my Canon A2 are having some serious issues, so we had to use my old Canon EOS Rebel G. I haven't got them developed yet. I want to try to learn how to download the video from the cam corder to the computer then burn a DVD. I know i have the software to do it. i just don't know how yet, I will try to learn soon and send some copies out.

After the ceremony we drove down to anchorage to the Glacier brewhouse and had a nice surf and turf dinner with our close alaskan friends and then nancy drove us back home and we had a nice night next to the wood stove and hung out with the dogs. We had friday off. We planned on going ice fishing with Bonita. (No it was not Ricks idea either, believe it or not) But since it was still 15 below zero with out the wind chill facter out on the open lake, we decided against it. We had another nice relaxed day inside.

Rick and I are doing good. I am still working in the Adult Critical Care Unit at Providence Hospital in Anchorage as a nurse. I have been "in charge" quite a bit and there is a clinical supervisor job coming up in May on my unit that I may apply for. Everyone wants me to do it and say i will do a good job. But I'm not sure if I really want to go there or not. I have an hour commute but that is ok. I don't mind it in the "daylight months" because it is so beautiful out. but in the "dark months" it kinda sucks. I hate driving in the snow in the dark. The roads up here are not that good. They don't use salt. That would attract too many moose. They usually plow at least one of the two lanes after a big snow storm and eventually sand the other lane and sand in some places. I usually just leave the jeep in 4 wheel drive, but we should really get studded tires, like most people have up here. They are legal from September to May in Alaska.

Rick is doing good too. He is measuring floors for Home Depot. There are now 4 stores in the anchorage and Matsu valley area. He is responsible for all the stores up here now. So if anyone orders flooring to be installed by Home Depot, he goes out and measures the area and figures out how much flooring they will need. He's pretty much a subcontracter of a subcontracter. He can make is own schedule. But he really puts on the miles. Much more than i do. He's looking into getting another vehicle soon also. His Tracker is not very good on ice.

Well, we wish all is well with you and your family and we invite you to come up for our wedding in July 2007. So try to save the date and maybe start planning your trip to Alaska! :-)

Tracy Spice and Rick Polzin P.S. I am keeping my last name for now at least.