Selling Negs to our former Wedding Couples..

A Note from Wally -- Are You One of our Former Wedding Couples??

We have been enjoying photographing contemporary weddings for almost 20 years and still loving them! If you are one of our former wedding clients or know someone who is, PLEASE read this message and help spread the word.

Now that we have a great new Studio space in Warren, that we LOVE, we will be conducting the wedding business from there also now – which means that I will not be meeting with clients in my home in Hazel Park anymore. I therefore do not need as much space; as it is getting hard to keep up.

So I am moving to an apartment closer to the studio this June!

We loved the years of film and still have an extensive archive of film negatives in my home.  I have just not been able to throw anything away – these are someone’s memories! But I can’t move them! We also have an archive of digital files from the years that they were not included in the contract price.

We are trying to reach everyone we can but this is just not always possible or successful.

We are offering our former bridal couples the opportunity to purchase those negatives and/or files for a nominal fee so that they can archive them, preserve their family history and have them for safe keeping. They will bring back happy memories for years to come.  This will also include a personal copyright release so that any printed copies can be made. They are $200; $225 if mailed.

I do have to add that this is contingent on my being able to find your wedding files, with the hundreds up there I cannot totally guarantee this sorry to say!

After mid June, I will have to purge all remaining negatives!

Did you know???

If  you are one of our former wedding couples, you are entitled to free portrait sessions – FOR LIFE at the studio – this does not include the files or any prints. If you wanted us to come to you on location, we still can, but would have to charge a small session fee of $100.  We’d love to work with you!

If you are thinking of us as your wedding photographer – keep this in mind also.