34th Alaska Ididarod Race Finishes in Nome

  bering sea1.jpg The ceremonial start of the 34th annual Ididarod started in Anchorage Sat March 4.  The actual start is supposed to be in Wasilla, where Tracy lives, but for the third year in a row there has not been enough snow and the trails were too icy - so - it started in Willow, a Little north. Tracy and Rick had a party for some friends that Sat night  - some of them went on to watch the start in Willow on Sunday but Tracy had to work.  I saw the entrance to the Headquarters when I was there in 2-05.Jeff King of Denali Park, Alaska, crossed  the finish line of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Nome, Alaska, after winning his fourth Iditarod, March 15, 2006. Photos from the Anchorage Daily News, AP by Al Grillo Love these images.