Kathy and Bill May 24th at the Zoo

Saturday May 24th was a beautiful, exciting and very memorable day for the wedding for Kathy and Bill at the Detroit Zoo.  The girls got ready at her parents home close by and then headed to meet Bill and the guys at the zoo.  It was a record breaking busy day for them and there were lots of people enjoying the zoo and the great weather.  We climbed into a tram and headed for sights in the main part of the zoo for our romantics and relaxed fun photography.  Family and the kids also had a great time. We visited the arctic ring of life, seals and the polar bear outside, the giraffes, and the lions and tigers.  Then we headed back to the Interpretive gallery to get ready for the ceremony scheduled for 6PM at the bear fountain. There was a little delay due to an incident elsewhere at the in the zoo, but all was fine. The ceremony was beautiful and everyone enjoyed it - we had some more fun photography by the fountain with the family and wedding party groups and headed back for the reception.  It is always so great to see our slide show in the theater and everyone enjoyed this.

Needless to say - we all had a "roaring" good time!!!

This is a flash high paced slide show made form the best of the images shown at the slide show at the zoo, plus some that I added now that we could really see everything. The images were gorgeous - because we had such a  gorgeous couple, family, location etc to work with.  This link is to my collection of wedding ANIMOTO videos on my site (My "widget")


I also have it above if it does not always stay on automatically.  Please use  bars on front of slider to turn off.

Kathy & Bill 5-24-08 Zoo

Kathy & Bill 5-24-08 Zoo

Kathy & Bill 5-24-08 Zoo

Kathy & Bill Zoo