WSP Seniors - our new division of Wally Spice Photography

WSP Seniors Since the spring of 2011 we decided that our popular division of High School Senior photography within Wally Spice Photography deserves it own spotlight. We designed a new logo for WSP seniors and started a Facebook fan page dedicated just to our high school seniors.

Please take a look at this great fan page -   WSP seniors fan page or Use menu link

Julie is the mastermind behind all of this - since she has attended numerous high profile conventions dedicated just to the seniors. At these conventions she studied for many days with some of the best high school photography photographers from around the US.

Aaron, Julie's son will be a senior at Cousino High school next year so he joined us as an administrator of the Fan page. It wasn't hard to find lots of fantastic models willing to have fun with us!

We had our first senior "Safari" experience with our models and everyone had a fantastic time. We photographed all day in many great locations. Aristocat Transporations helped us make the day extra special, as the models enjoyed riding in the Excursion SUV Limousine. Our driver, Ron was the best!

WSPseniors Safari in Detroit

WSP Seniors on Safari in Detroit

WSP Seniors on Safari in Detroit

Be sure to enjoy the full photo albums and the fun videos of our Safari, complete with a few video clips in the fanpage. Here's the direct link to the video:!/video/video.php?v=2062120913543&oid=102276456527682&comments 

After this we had a great "Reveal" party at Blumz by JR, a floral and gift shop on Woodward Ave in Ferndale to show all of our amazing images. They had a back room that worked out just super.  Thank you SO much for your hospitality. (I'll add a few images later)

Geogianna - our top WSP senior model

Shawna , one of our top senior models




















We are very excited to have many incredible fans on our new WSP Seniors Facebook Fanpage. It now has almost as many fans as our regular Wally Spice Photography fan page! (over 380)

But don't make our original fan page feel bad - we've been posting on that one too - LIKE THEM BOTH! Main Wally Spice Photography fan page or use menu link