Julie helps photograph 2 weddings in Aspen Colorado

Julie had the honor to help photograph two weddings in Aspen over Labor Day weekend.  Last year at DPPA, it was our job to find photographers to speak to our organization.  We brought in Travis Broxton of Broxton Art, in Colorado, to speak.  He did a great job and we loved his work!!  Julie asked him when she could come photograph with him and after seeing our work he told her anytime! 

Travis is a very successful, high end, popular photographer in Colorado, this was a great experience for Julie to broaden her horizons and learn from one of the best.

Both of the below weddings were held at breathtaking sites in Aspen!!!! 

Aspen Colorado

Aspen Colorado

ASpen COlorado

Aspen COlorado


These images were taken around Aspen and Denver.

When we were in Aspen for the two weddings, Travis’s wife Pat and her friend Carolyn accompanied us.  That is the three of us girls in the Aspen images below.  Travis’s wife Pat is a great cook and after a couple of long days of shooting it was great to have home cooking.  Pat and Carolyn explored Aspen by taking some great hikes, etc. while we were photographing the weddings.

Travis took Julie around Denver on her last day there and took some great images of her around town.


DenverJulie Proudfoot