What’s going on in Alaska?

Last week Tracy took her boys to the Alaska State Fair - and they won a first prize blue ribbon! Rick and Gunther entered the Carhart Fashion show as a father-son team. With a cute baby and a silly man - how could they loose!  Rick won a warm heavy Carhart coat that he will get a lot of use out of. Alska State FAir

 They also had a moose wander through their property.

moose on the loose

I also have the many images from the Alaska trip, the last 2 weeks in July, on my Flickr account. I have a site that gives all the sites where various family members/photographers have uploaded images - take a look at http://www.wallyspicephotography.com/AlaskaJuly07.htm With my FLickr account it is easiest to look at any sets you would like - smaller groups - these are listed on the site above.