More Images from the July Alaska trip

I have been trying to work a little on the Alaska photos. I have most of the files that were taken by most of us - we have a lot of photographers in the family so there were always a lot of cameras going.I have been posting them on my flickr site - which is one where anyone can view and even download any size image - that makes it great to share with family and friends and anyone interested. With my images, it is best to look at the sets - that is where they are in a better order. These sets include: their home and grounds in the mountain setting;  Their immediate area on the Knik river, looking toward the Knik glacier at times; Our hike on the Matanuska glacier; Our 3 day RV trip south to Seward and area; our 3 day RV trip north to the Denali area; A set of great images of just baby Gunther; and one set of misc People images before the ceremony - many with the baby; and I just finished the set on the renewal of vows ceremony. There is still more to go - especially some family group shots  etc after the ceremony etc.

These are from our hike right on the Matanuska glacier - which was really awesome.

MAtanuska glacier hike

MAtanuska glacier, group , shell

Tracy and Gunther in Fireweed

Baby Gunther