Wally is back from the Alaska trip

I just got back from spending about 2 weeks in Alaska - Julie is still there until Friday. My youngest daughter Tracy and her husband Rick were renewing their wedding vows on Sat July 21st.  We treated the celebration as a family reunion - so that friends and family from the "lower 48" could witness their renewal ceremony, see their new home in the beautiful mountain setting and get to know their beautiful state. For parts of the trip we rented an RV, which,  along with their pop up trailer and tents,  made  for some great time exploring the area.
Their baby boy is now 9 months old and the highlight for myself and most of us was getting to know this darling little guy. Needless to say we had a great time.  I will post images soon - we certainly took plenty.  I am trying to get used to Michigan time (& temperatures) and catch up on some more important images that need to be uploaded and worked on for my my wedding couples first, but promise to work on this also as soon as I can take the time.