Mindy and Geoff June 30th at the Detroit Zoo

We had a great time photographing Mindy and Geoff at the Detroit Zoo on June 30th.  The Zoo is one of our favorite places to photograph- we just love it there. Mindy and Geoff met before hand and had their special moment in the outside butterfly garden.  Then we got on the private zoo tram and made our rounds to their favorite places.  We started at the Arctic Ring of life and enjoyed the tunnel  We watched a pair of playful seals play overhead as if they were also in love.  The polar bear was outside. We also took photographs at he giraffe habitat and at the stone bridge by the amphibian area. The ceremony took place inside the butterfly garden with only immediate family - very special and personal. Then on to the reception where we were joined by more family and friends for a great dinner and fun party.  It was so awesome to see the slide show that we had made - of some of the best images taken earlier - on the big screen in the theater - where everyone could come in and watch for awhile and go back out to the party - 

Mindy and Geoff

MIndy and Geoff