Welcome to our new Website/Blog - for Wally Spice Photography

Welcome to our new website/blog - we are so excited and proud to finally have it live and active. This is a hybrid between a regular website, adding some flash in the galleries and headers and the Wordpress blog I have had since 2006. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems, and the "merge" was certainly a challenge. A big THANK YOU goes to Chris Hebert, for all her help in actually making it work! A thank you also to Brian and Dawn for all their help in molding the various versions of our websites and blogs over the many years!

Now we will still be tweaking and adding to this site to continue to improve on it and make it grow.  We will also be populating some of the galleries that are not yet complete and hope to soon add another larger section for our growing endeavor in High School Senior photography!

So stay tuned as we continue to grow, but this is a huge step in rebuilding and growing Wally Spice Photography!

Be sure to take a look at our face book fan page, by clicking on the F symbol for some of our interim activity. We will be updating this also.

ENJOY!! and please feel free to give us your input!!

Thank You Wally and Julie