Photo Chicks - Photoshop Workshop

DSCF3822fx 2  LA blog1.jpg I hosted the monthly "Photo Chicks" meeting at my in home studio last Thursday and we had a great time - We had about 10 girls and enjoyed each others company as usual - gabbing and sharing successes and problems - I love it - being able to share  and learn with each other. Our topic this month was to share a photoshop tip or trick - or something to make life easier on the computer - we all took a turn at the computer and learned some great tips that we could take back home and use. I played with a new plug in called Lucis Art - very creative and artsy - It was advertised to "make something ordinary - extraordinary". We played with many images - but I liked to soft watercolor effect on this image of myself - I have been looking for something to use for promo and was never happy with anything.  The original was taken at a wedding last summer.