The rain WILL clear up...Don't worry, it will all work out..We're going to have a great wedding day!(Sat August 8th)

This weekend was a bit of a challenge to all of us working and I think that as photographers (and videographers) we showed that our job is much more than just take photographs and record the happenings of the day!- but to calm our brides down and assure them that all will work out fine. I'm an eternal optimist and put that message on face book that morning and really felt that the day would end up OK. We all woke up to down pouring rain here in the Detroit area - forecasts did not sound too encouraging although some said it might clear up later in the day.

Julie was photographing a wedding for us for Lisa and Eric at Walnut Country Club in South Lyons. They were set to have a full outside Urban shoot in Detroit and Lisa was starting to panic not knowing what on earth to do. When Julie go there she calmed her right down and said - don't worry I have a great alternate plan - we can go to the Book Cadillac - which is awesome inside. That's what they did. They got some drinks there and were able to use the great lobby and even asked - and got permission, to go up to their ballroom! Everyone was thrilled and happy. It cleared up in this area around 5PM and they still got some outside images at Walnut Creek before their ceremony. The outside ceremony was gorgeous with no more rain drops and the day was great!

My wedding was way north at Devil's Ridge in Metamora. It poured all the way up on the drive - but I did notice that as I was getting north of the Palace the sky was brightening up - even though it was still raining! I got there early cause I left lots of extra time - it was bright out - but still a steady down pour. My bride seemed to be taking it relatively Ok and I told her that I thought it would clear up and that it looked so much better than when I left Detroit so it is on its way to clearing. I assured her that there is plenty we could do by the big windows etc even if we had to work inside - their ceremony was in a structure with a roof and overhang - with open sides - and we could do lots there - she was determined to still have her ceremony outside no matter what.

We took our time getting her dressed and ready. The videographer Jason had his I-phone and was showing her the Doppler weather maps to show that the storm is clearing and moving away from us. That assured her also! They met on the staircase for a tender meeting and "reveal" with her soon to be husband. By about 3/3:30, sure enough, it cleared up and we still got the golf carts we had planned. They gave us a guide who showed us all the great places on the grounds and we got lots of our great outdoor romantics. Her ceremony was still outside and gorgeous. She still insisted on the orderves being outside - even though it was wet and all was fine. It really was a great wedding day!

I just talked to another one of our photography friends - and she was saying the same thing. She said her bride was having a total meltdown and she assured her all was going to be fine - calm down, we will find somewhere to do some great fun photography. They ended up just doing romantics beforehand at the site and by the time the outdoor ceremony came around (around 5) - it had also cleared up and it was gorgeous - nice overcast even light that we love and no more rain drops!

We talked about how our job really is to stay calm ourselves and calm our couples down and assuring them that the day will end up just fine.

That is what differentiates a good professional photographer from one that would just panic along with the bride.

I love that part of our job - we really need to be totally aware of all the emotional undercurrents of the day and be sensitive to them. We are the ones there usually from the time she is getting ready - she has to feel comfortable with us. Having such a great report with her is so special; being so close to her at such an important time is an honor and a privilege. Capturing all these moments for her is priceless!