DPPA - lots of activity in March and April

Julie and I have also been extremely busy with DPPA - the "Detroit Professional Photographers Association". This year, as President elect,  I have worked with the speakers that I brought in and Julie has been active as our "RaffleI thank everyone for their continuing support. Take a look at www.dppa.net

The year is soon coming to an end and on June 12th I will be installed as the next president of the organization. What an honor and a tremendous responsibility - WOW - I'm really looking forward to it.  Julie is also running for the board of directors and the ballots are now coming in.  Good luck to her and the other candidates.

We just got back from representing DPPA at the PPM (Professional Photographers of Michigan) in Dearborn. That is also a great statewide group and a lot of fun.

Fuzzy and Shirley Duenkel were our terrific speakers for our all day program on April 1st - they are nationally renown speakers on seniors and showed us how to "go Away" with on location photography.  We had over 160 attendees and that was the highest attendance yet - So many great opportunities to learn so much more.... We appreciate the great vendors at the mini trade show also.


The highlight of our year - and probably the most work has been our "Shoot Out with the Pros" - we had over 100 attendees - many who were not from our group who came to learn from the many speakers, presenters, and vendors.  So much was going on at the same time - I called this "Organized chaos"

I have heard many great comments and compliments from calling the presentation “- in my opinion - the highlight of the year show for DPPA,”  to “the  Shoot Out looked fantastic and everyone seemed to really like it. It had a totally different look/feel than anything I have seen at either DPPA or PPM. This is the type of event that provides something for everyone and I do not have any problem with so many items going on at the same time. I think it adds an energy-of-sorts to the event that you cannot get from a 'one-speaker/event-at-a-time' type of setup. CONGRATULATIONS WALLY AND YOUR TEAM OF AWESOME HELPERS!”