A time for marketing and production and album design…

Hi - hope you are surviving  the Michigan winter freeze - and getting as much done as possible - indoors! It is colder here now than when I was in Alaska!  I certainly am happy to be able to work in the comfort of my in home studio. This has been a time of marketing and meeting with prospective new clients - we are doing very well but still have room for more. We are offering $200 discounts for available dates in prime time months (Saturdays in July - October) and $400 off for available dates before the end of June or November or later of this year and any Friday or Sunday available. We are even making the high res master files available as one of the proofing options for couples that really do know what to do with them.  Give us a call!

This has also been a time of really concentrating on Album designs - especially the digital coffee table albums. I am in the middle of 4 great album designs right now - and have quite a few more waiting for me to get started with theirs. We are working on quite a few of the more traditional albums also. I love it - it is very creative and intensive - but it sure takes a lot of time.  Here are some of the best of the ones I am working with right now...

Jane and Chris

Jane and Chris - 2

Keri and Jeff

Lauren and Aaron

Malou & Jules