Holiday Production Update

We hope you are enjoying the holiday season. We have been very busy with the production involved in making sure all that is needed  for Christmas or Hanakkah - in the way of uploads, proof books, some albums, reprints, cards, etc - will be out in time. For the most part most albums recently designed will be worked on after the Holidays.

Don't forget there is a 10% discount until the end of the year on any reprint orders placed through the event proofing site. It is not too late to still order any last minute photos - these are great Holiday gifts - what could be more personal!

We have been doing quite a few Holiday cards.  The Stylart cards are very popular - these are creative fold over cards that in most cases include an actual photo that is inserted into the design.  Take a look at the possibilities:

We also have the great slim line cards available through my regular lab - (These may be a little quicker to get to you at this point) See these designs at:

Happy Holidays

Wally & Julie