The First Images of my new grandson and the new Family in Alaska

As I said a post back - Gunther Johann Polzin was born Nov. 2nd to my daughter Tracy and her husband Rick  in Palmer, Alaska.  They came home Saturday - and I was so thrilled to see some images on her Flickr site late Sunday - every time I looked there were more coming online.  They are absolutely breathtaking and incredible - Tracy looks so content and  beautiful holding that gorgeous baby boy. He is so precious and darling - not that I'm prejudiced of course.  I just want to hug all three of them!!  Even their dogs had such a tender introduction to their new Brother. Sequoia is very protective and has not let him out of her sight.  Sitka, the big St Bernard is still keeping her distance. See all her images on her Flickr site -   No password is needed and she has it set so that anyone can download any size image. It is great to not have to wait for her to send a DVD of the high res images to work with.

Welcome new baby Gunther

Baby Gunther & Tracy

Rick and Gunther

Gunther and the dogs