March 4 - Wedding of Wendy and Ed

We just got back from a great wedding yesterday -After getting ready at home and a beautiful touching ceremony at the American Hungarian Reformed Church on Allon Road in Allen Park we debated if we had enough time to go where we really wanted to go for romantics. The altar groups were done quickly and we had one and a half hours of daylight before we were due at the reception - including travel time and getting into the lino and vans. We decided to go for it and travelled to Elizabeth Park - they had spent a lot of time here in their dating years, his home was close by and his grandparents were married here - so there was a huge personal connection - but it was cold (38*). They were troopers - Wendy didn't even wear her wrap - we loved the old bridge and walks along the lake - so much character and history in those old bridges. We even got the whole wedding party in our famous "walking" shot - We were quick to hop back into the limo and head to the reception - Lakes of Trenton.

Even here we decided to head outside to the beautiful lake, bridges and landscraped grounds of the country club. As we were right down by the lake - the "black swans" actually headed toward us and we were so excited to take a lot of images with the black swans right there. What an awesome sight - we didn't even feel the cold as bad.

But they were getting ready to eat and we still had to bustle (No Ed that's not a dance) and get ready for the grand entrance. We did it and enjoyed a delicious dinner and fun reception. A great party - We especially loved the chocolate fountain and all the goddies to dip. (what diet??)

We were able to get a slide show going of some of the very best of what we photographed earlier - everyone loved that and took our cards with directions on how to get to our site for viewing the previews in about 4-6 weeks.

Julie has all the cards so we will post a few images and perhaps a collage within the next few days!!