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This has been the main blog for Wally Spice Photogrpahy since 2006.
It chronicles the history of our business since Wally operated it out of her home in Hazel Park 8 years ago! . Weddings were the main stay at that time and through the years. Wally and her daughter Julie  worked together as a mother daughter team.

We are now enjoying a great Studio space in Warren - on Hoover Rd just north of 13 Mile rd.
(see map on our location page).  Wally has moved from Hazel Park into an apartment in Warren very close to the studio.  Julie is in Clinton Township with her husband Ed and her sons Aaron and Steven. Ed is an award winning master photographer and we all work together as a family owned and operated business and love it!.

Julie is now the main photographer and her high school senior and school photography  have taken over as her predominant area.

We do still enjoy the weddings and portraits, but now they come to us mainly through word of mouth - from  the great reputation we have built up through the years from our loyal fans, friends and great current and past clients that we love!

We appreciate the kind words and recommendations, please keep this up.
We do have a listing on Yelp with some great comments also. 
Thank you for you continuing support and let us know we can help you.

July 2015

Check out our Face Book Fan Pages!

Our Facebook Pages have been more active recently - especially Julie's WSP Seniors Page
Please check this page out to see what has been going on.

Julie just ran a contest to Vote for your favorite WSP Senior Model

Voting goes until Thursday, August 7th. Orange Leaf is at 13379 15 Mile Rd, in Sterling Heights, at the North West corner of 15 Mile and Schoenherr Rd. Visit their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Orange-Leaf-Sterling-Heights-15-Mile-Road

We will have our Images of the 5 top senior models hanging in this very contemporary new ice cream shop in the shopping center at Schoenherr and 15 Mile Rd.
The large photos should be hanging there by  Monday August 18th.

THANK YOU to everyone who participated and stay tuned



Working on updating and improving the site

Hello from Wally!!! 
I know it has been too long (about a year) since I have posted on this blog or made any new changes to the site as a whole.  I have been doing some research and I am trying to educate myself on how to make some positive changes  to the over all look and content of it.

I do love working with Squarespace and they have made some changes and  improvements  also.  I am choosing a different theme that will let me have  deeper more visual and content rich headers and footers.  I am not a web designer so this will take some time, but I am determined to make this work better.

I will try to backtrack to some of the major events in the last year.!


16 great Wedding Tips from a photographer’s point of view!

A little while ago one of our former Brides asked me some advice on wedding tips to use in an article she was writing.. that I could offer - from a photographers point of view!
Julie and I talked about it and this is what I wrote on the subject. 

Some great points and advice gathered from 20 years of wedding photography experience. 

Wedding Tips from a photographer’s point of view!

Today’s brides are very well organized – this helps so much on the day of the wedding – be as prepared as you can be and ENJOY the day!  Here’s some tips (you might not have thought of) – from the photographers point of view!

1         Be sure to go over your timeline with your photographer – we have a pretty good idea of how long things may take and what can hold you up. We may have some good suggestions to make the day run smoother. The most important advice – is to leave MORE than enough time – you don’t realize how fast the day flies by and your mind will be in a million places!
A wedding Planner is an invaluable help, plus have plenty of helpers (whether you have a planner or not) – and not just your bridesmaids – they have their own agendas too! 

2         Think about the location of where you are getting ready – especially if we are starting our coverage there. (We love to capture the excitement and anticipation of this exciting time of the day) A home is nice and personal if it is not too cluttered or has too may people around.  
A lot of brides have used the bridal suite at a nice Hotel – often where you may end up for your honeymoon suite or where out of town guests are staying. They are usually very spacious and treat you royally – often preparing a spread of fruit or bagels etc (not too messy of course). This may even be complimentary – just check…

3         Leave PLENTY of time for hair and makeup!!!!! – MORE than what they suggest – if there is one thing that gets you late on the day of the wedding – this is it!  They are perfectionist (which is good) but don’t always seem to care how much longer that takes! And, what if you are not totally happy with something and need her to redo something! If you have a lot of girls and moms to get done – consider hiring more people – it is best to have a separate person for makeup if you can.  When you start off running late – the whole day is off. Use professional hair and makeup artists –and have a trial run before hand on you!!

4         When we get there, it is nice to have all the details ready that we can photograph while you are finishing up – we like to have the flowers, shoes, rings, invitations, anything else special you will have.  We love to display the dress beautifully – a nice pretty hanger helps to makes the photos great. (We’ve seen some that have their name in them, or even just say bride.) Make sure the florist gives you a nice sturdy box, with vases of water to hold the flowers when not being used.  Make sure you have paper towels with them so that when you take them out – you can dry them off! Flowers being here make the photos of the girls better too!

5         As women photographers we like to be there to capture the excitement when the dress goes over your head. The girls helping you should be dressed already – if you prefer more privacy, we can step out until you are ready to zip all the way up for that photo. This is a personal preference for you and your photographer.

6         Be sure you have plenty of extra bobby pins, safety pins, mini sewing kit, touch up make up, comfy shoes to change into if need be, nylons, non messy snacks, even bagels and cream cheese.  Lots of water bottles too! Don’t forget umbrellas if there is a chance of rain (most likely. if you bring them you won’t need them!)

7         If you have an early afternoon ceremony – that is usually next and you go right to it.
Often couples arrange the time of the ceremony later so guests don’t have to wait long before the reception.  In this case we discuss the benefits and your feelings about seeing other beforehand.  If you decide to, we arrange a special private time when you first see each other in all your wedding finery, and have a special moment where you can say things to each other without the whole world watching – hey – you are your own best friends – why spend so much of this day hiding from each other! Many brides have said they loved it and that it calmed them done so much – then we have plenty of time to go have fun and perhaps go to personalized special locations etc – before the day get really hectic!  This is YOUR day – ENJOY!

8         The romantics are often the favorite part of the day – make them personal – if time and distance allows – arrange to go to places that mean something to you  Again leave plenty of time!! We love Detroit urban shoots, any downtown, a favorite park, etc. Plan and scout your route and locations ahead of time.  – This is your snuggle time with each other, the wedding party and those closest to you! ENJOY!!
If you are hiring a limo or party bus – make sure they are there in plenty of time. (we’ve had to wait for limos) PLEASE - if you want a cooler of special drinks or smacks – have this done ahead of time and ready to go. It is so frustrating and time consuming to have to find and stop at a party store! ENJOY each others company – have fun, but don’t go overboard on the drinking -

9         Make sure you leave time to touch up make up and breathe before the ceremony begins – we usually leave at least 30 minutes before at the ceremony site. This should be a time to relax, calm down, take care of any last minute things and get ready for the ceremony!

10     During the ceremony – don’t worry about us! We are there to capture what is going on – not be a part of it and make a pest of ourselves! We try to touch base with the presiding officiate to make sure we know what our restrictions are – and stick by them. We will flash during the processional and recessional (that is usually OK) but NOT during the ceremony itself – nothing is more distracting from the sacredness of the ceremony! (That is what tripods are for!) Please make sure your guests know this too – we have had relatives sneak up on the alter and flash photo s from behind etc – You may know who might go overboard – try to warn them. Photos of you coming up and down the aisle are fine!
This is where at least 2 photographers are so important to our way of thinking.  Someone has to be up front to catch everyone coming down the aisle – but where is the emotion? – in the back with you and your dad as he walks his baby girl down that aisle!  Besides, you and your dad walking away up the aisle is usually a breathtaking image! During the ceremony we like to have one photographer in the back (and/or balcony), one on the front right side so they can capture your face during vows and if we have an assistant – he can be on the other side.

11     Alter Returns – These should not take more than 30 minutes and it is important to be organized and quick.  Make a list of the relatives important to you for these – usually this is more for immediate family – Parents siblings, family of siblings, grandparents, anyone very special to you, plus the wedding party. We usually do family first so that they can go attend to their friends and family, then the wedding party so they can gather stuff and get all ready to go and then the 2 of you. It really helps to have someone there to help so they can gather people up and get them together. We really may not know who your special uncle Bob is!
More extended family can be photographed at the reception in most cases. Please do not have anyone trying to take photos as we take them at the alter – that just takes so much more time and we want all eyes at our camera – not all over! (Nobody would like those photos)

12     Receiving lines and releasing aisles has not been as popular lately.  You have NO idea of how much time this can take!! Especially if you have not done any romantics yet – this really cuts into your time. Even the guests don’t usually like waiting in line. If you will be taking the time to go around and greeting your guests at their tables after you are done eating – this is much more personal and better use of your time.

13     Please do arrange to feed your photographers – it has been a long day for us too.  Sometimes the hall will convince you that they will have a vendor meal in a separate room for us – but most of us (we sure do) like to be in the same room – if something spontaneous happens – our camera s are right there beside us and we will get up to capture it! If you need to ask us to take something, we are right there! This is better for us to capture the details, the toasts and the beautiful overviews of your venue also.

14     Cutting the cake – we will have gotten details of it before and we will pose you so that this looks natural. Please be courteous and not smash cake in each other’s faces – We hardly ever see this any more (thank goodness) – but be nice!  If you are doing something else special around this time – be sure to warn your photographers.

15     Work with your DJ or band ahead of time – so you know how the party will run – be sure to let your photographers know what all you will be doing in special dances or special events so we are ready. We will ask and work with them too, as a team. If you like the garter and bouquet – do it and have fun, if not, a lot of couples are doing the anniversary dance instead. All married couples get on the dance floor and are eliminated by how long they have been married – you end up with the longest married couple – often special people like grandparents – who can give you a little advice on how they got that far! You may even give them the throw bouquet the florist gave you!  I truthfully like the idea of honoring those that made it instead of making fun of those that did not! Either way – have fun – you can do both too of course!

16     Try to have most of the special dances and events done relatively close to the beginning of the party!
How long we stay here depends on the arrangements you have set up with your photographers. After these are done, we like to catch a little bit of the fun and (mood, flavor?) of the party – but we do not have to be the last ones to leave.  ENJOY your party!

Wally Spice and Julie Proudfoot
Wally Spice Photography


I am a Professional Photographer!

I can use a hammer but it doesn’t make me a builder.
I can use a thread and needle but it doesn’t make me a seamstress.
I am able to take a pulse but it doesn’t make me a doctor.
I am able to listen but it doesn’t make me a psychologist.
I own scissors but it doesn’t make me a hairdresser.
I can help my kids with their homework but it doesn’t make me a teacher.
I can make my family dinner but it doesn’t make me a chef.
I can wrap an ankle but it doesn’t make me a athletic trainer.

Just because you own a camera, that doesn’t make you a photographer.
You can take a snapshot outside but you don’t understand lighting.
You can try and pose someone but find it’s harder than it looks.
You take hundreds of “pictures” only to get one or two good ones.
You own photoshop but can only use it to fix your mistakes.

We live in the greatest country in the world... America. Everyone has the right to own their own business and everyone is in control of their own destiny. However, do not
call yourself a photographer, or open a photography business, if you do not understand light control, posing, retouching, image enhancement, customer service, business laws, or your equipment. Using the “P” setting on the camera does not mean “professional”. Photographing your subject outdoors on vintage furniture does not make it cool. Lens flare, out of focus images, and blown out highlights does not make it art.

I receive calls frequently of regret.... regret that they went to a “photographer” to save a few dollars. I am saddened by the people who say, “I wish I would have went to a real professional studio and now its too late.

I can manipulate light, I am a photographer.
I can create sets and backgrounds, I am a photographer.
I understand color harmony, I am a photographer.
I can pose someone in flattering ways, I am a photographer.
I am able to use my manual settings on my camera, I am a photographer.
I can see lighting outside, I am a photographer.
I can use photoshop to enhance my images, I am a photographer.
I own a camera and I really am a Professional Photographer.

From my friend Melonie Walker of   Envisions Photography Studio, LLC in the Michigan Thumb.·

Ed Photographing on one of our urban shoots in Detroit.

Video - Julie and Ed's Wedding -

This is the first part of the video that our friend Andrea McKenzie made from the wedding in Florida. More is coming since there are still photos outstanding - but this is awesome!!! We played this at the small local reception we had Sunday at the Berkley Masonic Temple - so everyone can see it here now! Love it Andrea - THANK YOU SO MUCH! Thank you to all our many awesome photographer friends and thank to our great friend and wedding planner Andrea Solomon who joined us and was such a great help!

March Wedding Special

March Wedding Special -
$200 off any wedding package - OR a free Engagement session on any 2013 available dates...

Fill out the Contact Us form - including the date of your wedding - we'll check our availability and get back with an e-mail with some information.  We'd love to talk about what your plans are. Let's set up an appointment at the studio!!
We'd love to capture the memories of your special day for generations to come!

Me and my little brother - Gunther

These are 2 images taken of Gun and I at Kathy's pool in Florida - so glad he was able to come down and combine the wedding with another visit to a friend in Orlando - he  really is my little brother - Gunther - and I'm the big sis - Traudie!
He was one of our photographers too at the wedding..

Julie's 2 Great Trash the Dress sessions - On the beach and Underwater In the pool!!!

We had 2 great versions of the Trash the dress with Julie in Florida - and the dress is still where she will be able to wear it again to model for another photography class!

The first is the trash the dress on the beach at St Pete's - behind the Trade Wind's Hotel in St Pete's where the SYNC convention for high school seniors was taking place.  They walked along the beach in the sand and ended up lying at the edge of the sand as the water lapped over them>
The second was right in a pool completely underwater.  I really give her a lot of credit for doing this one.
We really thank our photography friends and instructors - Visualizations Photography Inc and Sacha Blue for photographing Julie and Ed!  Wally and Ed took some of these also.

Happy Valentines Day - Special!

Valentines Special - Feb 9 - 28, 2013  Free Engagement Session!

To celebrate the occasion, and to celebrate our newlyweds - Julie and Ed,  who just got married in Florida at the  end of January - we'll add an engagement portrait session to any new contracts written within this time frame -The session itself can take at any time before your wedding - in the studio or local destination areas.

Julie and Ed's engagement  session in Florida, photographed by our friend Steve White - 

Our beautiful stunning bride - that's our girl! Julie Proudfoot!

Travis Broxton is a fantastic photographer from Colorado .  He spoke at one of our DPPA meetings and Julie worked a wedding with him in Denver, He is one of the main photographers of the day of the wedding and this is one of them - more to come

Julie Proudfoot - Florida bride
Braxton Art - Travis Broaxton of Denver Colorado

First Sneak Peek Photos for Julie and Ed's Florida Wedding

Just got home from a fantastic time in Florida, in the St Pete area,  - for Julie and Ed's wedding!  We had such a great time - we appreciated the gracious hospitality of our friend Kathy who let us stay at her beautiful home and all the family and friends who could make it.  We had about 25-30 for the ceremony itself -  a breathtaking little alcove in the palm trees in Fort De Sota Park  - she wanted it right by the water but it was so cold and windy there that we moved in some -  THANK YOU to all the photographers there to help capture the moments.  There were about a dozen plus photographers - sometimes at different times who helped photograph the photographer's wedding!
Thank you also to our videographer Andrea McKenzier,  Wedding Planner Andrea Solomon and to Melonie Walker who was our officiant .

.There will be many more organized groups coming as we edit and work on them - they met at the house, we photographed at the Botanical Gardens close by,, the ceremony and park site at Fort De Soto park, the Hurricane Dinner location, and  the beach across the street - That was just the day of the wedding - on the days following we went into Ybor city, around Tampa, and a trash the dress shoot on the beach behind the Trade Winds Hotel - where the SYNC convention was taking place...another great dinner , and an under water shoot-in the pool by the convention..in her dress!

Here are a few more of the first ones that we have published and seen on Facebook


Julie and Ed are getting married in Florida Thursday Jan-31

We are all very excited to be traveling to Florida for Julie and Ed's wedding - They are already there and are making sure all is finalized.  I am leaving with her  boys Steven and Aaron in the morning -  (Way too early - plane leaves at 6:30am!) 

We are staying in the St Pete area and the ceremony will be at a beach in the Ft De Soto park!  Just small and intimate -- here are a few images from the early photos - the Infra red and some of the others are taken by our friend Steve White - a great photographers from the west side of Michigan that is a master of the infra red. Others by Julie and Ed..  This will be very well documented with so many of our photography friends there.  Can't wait - Looking forward to the warm Florida sun!
Stay tuned!  WE have images on our FB profiles too and the main Wally Spice Photogrpahy fan page!

A portrait session with our first wedding couple from 20 years ago

Happy Anniversary - to Lisa and Ron - our first wedding couple 20 years ago this February- They came in for a portrait session with their son Norm and we had such a great time. Congratulations Lisa and Ron and congratulations to Wally Spice Photography. So great to still be friends and still doing what we love...

Albums.. to Display and ENJOY... Priceless! .

I was photographing a 1 year old birthday party for Gretchen - one of our great clients for life  - their wedding was in 2008!  I was so thrilled to see their beautiful FINAO ONE album displayed in their dining room - still with the creative and protective art paper cover it came in - WOW!
A breathtaking album, that tells the story of your wedding day with your favorite photos, in a creative totally customized design - is priceless! This is something you can proudly display on your coffee table, book shelf, anywhere in your home and look back and ENJOY over the years!
A DVD just wouldn't look as nice on this beautiful coffee table , and wouldn't be as easy to look at and ENJOY.  We DO give you the DVD also, of all your edited wedding images, with a copyright release, You can have the best of both worlds!

Be sure to look at the new Album tab I have been working on under weddings  - we love to design stunning albums - from your chosen favorites - of the wedding or any portrait session.  Seniors love them also -

2013 is our year of the album for us - with new products in all price ranges  coming,  sales on new albums and on additional sides and cover upgrades... even if your album was already designed by us over the years
Did you just get the files from your wedding?? - release them from the DVD's and ENJOY a beautiful album that tells your personal love story!
Did you get a DVD from another photographer who does not specialize in albums, and you have the copyright release, give me a call, maybe we can work something out.!

Florida - Julie and Ed's Wedding - Coming up SOON!

We are all very excited about Julie and Ed's upcoming wedding at the end of this month on a beach in Florida - it will be very small and intimate but it will be so great to get away.  Her boys, Aaron and Steven will be walking her down the aisle! They have picked a setting in DeSoto Park  and we are staying with friends in St Pete.  A few days after the  wedding they are attending the SYNC convention for High School Seniors as they have in the past years. (Nothing like a honeymoon at an educational photography convention - but hey - that is what we do and like! - how great that they both great professional photographers)

Obviously there will be a gazillion photos and lots of photographers - there will even be a fun trash the dress shoot the day after! They will definitely be well documented and I'll be sure to feature them here!
If you need anything done at the studio - best to try to get in while they are still in town - they are the ones most familiar with everything there!
We are working hard to finish up as much as we can before of course - and I will not be gone as long as they are.

I found a few photos from a trip I took to Florida in 2005  - when I photographed a friend's daughter's wedding there !  Hope we can enjoy the same calmness.  Julie absolutely loves Palm trees - and I am sure she will have her share to ENJOY!

Review - "If you want the best...." Choose Wally Spice Photography.....

This is one of the great reviews that was posted on the Perfect Wedding guide site by Michelle -. about our wedding photography and working with us.

by M.Odoerfer

If you want the best, Wally Spice is the ONLY photography company worth choosing. Wally & Julie are extremely easy to work with - they have such an eye for placement, an abundance of creativity, and they made me and my groom and our entire wedding party feel at ease. With Wally and Julie by our sides the whole day was effortless. What about pictures? STUNNING! I've already seen a small portion of our wedding pictures and I am in awe at how incredible they are. Again, if you want the best - there is no other choice...Wally Spice Photography is a must.

Happy 20th Anniversary to Wally Spice Photography in 2013!

Happy NEW YEAR  to all our family, clients  and friends!!

2013 is going to be a fantastic year!  We celebrate our 20th year for Wally Spice Photography! We vow to show that we are just as vibrant and innovative as when we started and will work hard to keep growing and be the best we can be!
I have been working hard on this brand new Web re-design - it still is a work in progress (and probably always will be) but it is live! We hope you enjoy it and please give us your input!

We'll be having some great anniversary specials too throughout the year!

We have come a long way and have so much to be thankful for.  We love our new Studio Space (2 plus years now) and Julie and Ed especially are working so hard  to make that vibrant and successful. I am so proud of their hard work, talent and dedication!
Besides - we have a wedding this year as Julie and Ed get married  in Florida with a small intimate ceremony on the beach!

Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!

Christmas Eve at Wally"s apt,

You know the story of the shoemaker's kids not having any shoes? Well, we've been getting out great Holiday cards for our great clients - but have not had a chance to work on our own - we did take some nice groups photos on Christmas Eve - so here is a card from our family to yours...- Just a little late!