Julie's oldest son, Aaron Proudfoot graduated from Cousino High School in 2012,  attended Macomb community college and is now at Wayne State.  Her youngest son Steven is now at Wayne State also,  They both started out just assisting, but when we gave them a camera, they have gotten some fantastic images. So they do like to photograph when they have the time.

Aaron has loved photography for a long time - starting when Wally and him traveled to  Alaska in 2003 to visit Tracy.  That's him in 2003 getting the creative shot and again at a very recent wedding trying to get the whole Ren Cen into the image.

This is the image that won him an Honorable Mention at the PPM On Line Print competition - competing with all the adults (The Next generation category went up to but not including 18) This was used as the cover image for the contest on line. He named it "Dancing with Daddy".

Aaron's award winning image

Here are some more images of Aaron - that he is in or that he has taken,  He has also done some modelling when we had speakers like Blaire Phillips at the Detroit Professional Photographers Association photo shoots,  He has also gotten some great awards at the end of his senior year and has no problems speaking in front of large numbers of people.  His many years of DeMolay - the Masonic Youth Group for young men, has helped with  this and leadership abilities.